Handling Terminations and Suspensions of Employees in AngelTrack

When an employee is suspended or terminated, members of HR can revoke their access to AngelTrack.


When an employee is terminated, the best practice is to revoke their access to AngelTrack just before informing them of the termination.

On the employee's Employee File page (not the self-edit page), members of HR can access the "HR" tab. On that tab are the employee's settings for:

  • ☑ Active (versus terminated)
  • ☑ Hourly (versus salaried)
  • ☑ Uses the timeclock
  • Pay rate
  • Keys and codes

Simply uncheck the ☑ Active checkbox, and then click "Save". The employee is no longer allowed any access whatsoever to AngelTrack.

Any incidents currently assigned to the employee will be unassigned, returning to the triage pool for reassignment.

You can reactivate the employee at any time by re-checking the ☐ Active checkbox... but the employee's previously-assigned incidents will not be automatically re-assigned to them.


For crew members, we recommend suspensions be handled the same as termination: deactivate the employee entirely, revoking all AngelTrack access during the suspension... then reactivate afterward.

For supervisors and other executives trusted to behave properly during the suspension, deactivation is probably not necessary. Leaving them active permits them to access AngelTrack during their suspension, possibly putting the time to good use. If you nevertheless wish to remove the suspended employee from the list of crew members available to fill a shift, visit the "Roles" tab and uncheck the "Crew member" checkbox... then re-check it after the suspension ends.

AngelTrack Logins are Recorded

Each employee's attempts to login to AngelTrack are logged, whether failed or successful. The date and time of the last successful and unsuccessful login are showed on the "Settings" tab of each employee's Employee File page. About two weeks after terminating an employee, you can check to see if they have attempted to login again; if they have, you may wish to treat it as a disgruntled employee situation.

You can also review all login attempts -- be they successful or not -- by visiting the HR Home page and clicking the "Employee Logon History" report.