Trauma Tags / ER Dropoff Wristbands

If you use trauma tags or ER dropoff wristbands in your area, AngelTrack will collect, track, and report them for you.

Crew Requirements

To participate in this system, the attending will use the PCR Hospital page to record the wristband assigned to the patient. The data goes in one of the slots in the "External Reports" section.

Usually, the correct choice for the "Type of report" field is "Armband / Patient ID", but your reporting authority may specify a different choice.


Supervisors can monitor the collected data using the QI for ER Dropoffs Compliance Report, available under City and State Reports on the Supervisor Home page.

The tag numbers appear in the "External ID" column. The column will be blank if no tag was recorded.

State Reporting

AngelTrack automatically reports to your trauma registry all data on the PCR Hospital page, so no further action is required, unless your regional EMS authority wishes to receive a list of wristbands you used. If they do, then open the QI for ER Dropoffs Compliance Report, set the filters, and then export the data to a spreadsheet.