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Self Help


AngelTrack help reference is available here on the internet for your use. The same content is also available from help links inside your AngelTrack cloud server.

Frequently Asked Questions contains answers to questions commonly posed to AngelTrack support personnel. Before spending time calling us, check the FAQ to see if your question is a common one that is already answered.

AngelTrack Training Site is free to all, and contains videos, lectures, quizzes, and printable training-signoff certificates. Click the sign-in/sign-up links in the upper-right corner to create an account.

AngelTrack YouTube channel contains demonstration, training, and how-to videos for using all of AngelTrack's different features. Perhaps one of the videos will answer your question.

Deployment Guide is a punch-list for those just beginning the migration to mobile / paperless / cloud. It can ensure you haven't overlooked anything before going live.

Release Notes shows what has been fixed and improved in recent software updates. Your AngelTrack cloud server automatically receives the latest updates as soon as they are available.

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Telephone Support


To find your 24/7 telephone support number, login to AngelTrack and click the i support icon.

If you cannot login to your AngelTrack server, your support telephone number is displayed on the login page just under the logo.


Support for AngelTrack resellers


Visit Resources for Resellers page, using the password you received.

While there you will find the FAQ, folders of marketing materials and logo art, and copies of all legal agreements.