Barcode Scanning of Patients

Barcode scan Barcode scanning is done to identify patients when arriving on-scene for a call where the dispatcher has not yet located and attached the patient's records.

AngelTrack's PCR allows crews to barcode scan a patient's identification, which can be any of:

AngelTrack's patient records have two fields for use with barcodes:

Field Usage
Driver's license number Up to 20 numeric digits, plus the issuing state
Barcode Up to 20 characters (letters, numbers, dots, dashes)

The 20-character Barcode field permits you to track all of your patients using a barcoded bracelet, card, fob, ticket, or sticker in the patient's possession. When a crew arrives onscene, they open AngelTrack's PCR, scan the barcode, and immediately access the patient's existing records (or begin a new record).

Using barcode scanning to find patient records

AngelTrack allows crews to use barcode scanning to quickly locate a patient's records while on-scene. This is useful for situations where the dispatcher does not know the patient's identity.

Upon arriving onscene and opening the PCR, AngelTrack will ask the crew to identify the patient in order to locate their records. (If the patient has no records yet, a new one can be created on-the-spot.) The crew can search by any of these methods:

The latter two fields (driver's license number and ID barcode) are accompanied by a "Go" button that will automatically find or create the patient's records, given a barcode or a driver's license number.

Barcode scanning on a PC

PC barcode scanners communicate over USB and can usually interact directly with the web browser in which AngelTrack is running.

Simply place your cursor in the field that will receive the drivers' license number or barcode ID, and then activate the scanner. On a successful scan, the scanner will input the data right into the selected field in the browser.

Barcode scanning on an Android mobile device

Android-based mobile devices can barcode scan using a free app from the Google Play store named Barcodescanner Keyboard. This app adds a barcode scan button to Android's regular keyboard, permitting barcode scanning while viewing an AngelTrack page in the web browser.

Bluetooth scanners also work if they register with Android as a keyboard, allowing them to "type" text into fields on a web page running in Chrome.

Barcode scanning on an iOS mobile device

There are options for scanning barcodes on an iOS device:

Software scanner

Apps like BarcodeKey extend the device's onscreen keyboard to include OCR scanning of barcodes using the device's built-in camera.

You can also use a simple scanner app like Beep which can scan any barcode and copy it to the clipboard. Once that's done, switch back* to Safari where AngelTrack's PCR is running, and paste the clipboard into the "driver's license" or "ID card/bracelet" field and click "Go".

*The iOS four-finger gesture is a very quick way of switching from one app to another without use of the home button. You may need to enable multi-finger gestures in your device's settings.

Infinite Peripherals scanners

The line of hardware scanners from Infinite Peripherals / Infinea / Linea / DPP have a custom iOS application named QWedge, aka ScanBoard, which allows AngelTrack running in the web browser to receive scans from the device.

The app registers itself as an alternate keyboard in iOS. In your browser you place the cursor in the barcode or driver's license field, causing the keyboard to appear. Press the globe button to switch to the ScanBoard keyboard, then actuate the scanner. ScanBoard will then type the result into the field in the browser. AngelTrack will do the rest.

Bluetooth scanner

A bluetooth barcode scanner that registers itself as a Bluetooth keyboard will immediately work with AngelTrack running in Safari. Simply place your cursor in the AngelTrack data field you wish to populate, and then actuate the barcode scanner.

Many bluetooth barcode scanners work this way, including the Socket CHS, SerialIO KDC-200/KCD200i, the BarcodeGuy SP2100, and others.

Linea Pro scanner

iOS-based mobile devices equipped with a Linea Pro scanner (a small gadget mounted on the underside of your iOS device) can use the free app iScan, available in the iTunes Store, for quick AngelTrack integration.

The iScan Web app requires the following settings to work with your AngelTrack server, which has a special page available (BarcodeScan.aspx) specifically for it:

Setting Value
Form Name Scan
Form Field Barcode
Start URL

After a successful scan, AngelTrack's PCR will open inside the iScan Web app, but the app's simplified browser is undesirable for regular PCR use. So, after scanning, just switch back to Safari and continue using AngelTrack.

Other hardware

If your company has other barcode scanning hardware you wish to use, contact AngelTrack Support to see about getting it integrated.

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