Georgia COVID-19 EMS Emergency Rule in AngelTrack

The Georgia COVID-19 EMS Emergency Rule allows non-EMS personnel to serve as drivers in BLS vehicles, once the state has approved your agency and the drivers in question.

Once you've received your approval from Georgia, implement the COVID Emergency Rule in AngelTrack by doing the following:

One-Time AngelTrack Configuration Changes

  1. Under Settings | Preferences, change the BLS shift secondary crew member qualification to "Car", i.e., the second crew member of a BLS shift need not have an EMS patch.
  2. Under Supervision | Certificates Types List, activate the "Other Non-Healthcare Professional" certificate type.
  3. Instruct each driver to visit their Employee Self-Edit page and input their CPR certificate.
  4. Instruct each driver to likewise input their Georgia emergency-rule approval as a "Other Non-Healthcare Professional" certificate, specifying their Georgia-issued driver number.

Per-PCR Data Requirements

  1. Under the Followup, ensure that the "Transport Disposition" field is set to one of the "Transport by this EMS unit" values. AngelTrack will automatically change this to the Georgia custom value "BLS Transport Authorized by COVID-19 Emergency Rule" in eDisposition.12.
  2. Under the Followup, set the "Type of service" to "Other routine medical transport". (You cannot leave this field set to 'auto', as crews normally do, because AngelTrack will sometimes choose an 'interfacility' value which is not allowed for eResponse.05 under the COVID-19 Emergency Rule.)
  3. Under the PCR Crew page, or under the "Crew" tab of the Dispatch Edit page, AngelTrack should automatically designate the emergency-rule crew member as the driver, not as a caregiver, and thus conform to the COVID-19 Emergency Rule requirement for eCrew.03 in Georgia... but only insofar as the emergency-rule crew member is the one doing the progress-button pushes, and is not the attending, and is not recorded as performing any patient care. If the emergency-rule crew member is going to be the attending (i.e. the one responsible for completing the PCR), he or she must visit the PCR Crew page and manually specify their roles as driver only.

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