Query Composition

AngelTrack has many places where you can search for items. In any of these fields you can specify a wildcard in order to show all records matching a certain word or phrase. The wildcard is a percent sign. To perform a wildcard search, add it anywhere in your search term. For example, searching for "Ander%" will return both "Anders" and "Anderson". Searching for "Memorial%Downtown" will return both "Memorial Hospital Downtown" and "Memorial Children's Hospital Downtown".

In addition, many search fields provide advanced logic depending on the task at hand; such fields are labelled to show how their advanced logic works. There are four different advanced search logics within AngelTrack's pages:

For all of these, upper- versus lower-case makes no difference, nor do spaces.

Additional Logic for Facility Searches

Because there are several different ways to type a facility's name and its street address, AngelTrack automatically performs some advanced logic in order to assist in Facility searches by name and by street address. The advanced logic irons out minor differences that would otherwise throw off your search results. On searches by street addresses, "Avenue" is the same as "Ave" and "Ave.", "Street" is the same as "St" and "St.", "Highway" is the same as "Hwy" and "Hwy.", and so forth. On searches by name, "hospital" is the same as "hosp", "center is the same as "cntr", "laboratory" is the same as "lab", and so forth. Punctuation differences are ignored.

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