Stroke Scales / Stroke Screens / Stroke Scores

Learn about the PCR's built-in interactive stroke screens, and how the data is reported to your state trauma registry.

AngelTrack's PCR has a choice of interactive stroke screens. It can also accept generic results from a stroke screen performed by hand or on paper.

Interactive Stroke Screens

AngelTrack's PCR has a choice of interactive stroke screen. By visiting the Preferences page under Settings, you can choose any one of these for use in the PCR:

  • Los Angeles Prehospital Stroke Screen (L.A.P.S.S.)
  • Rapid Arterial oCclusion Evaluation (R.A.C.E.)
  • Cincinnati (C.P.S.S.)
  • Alabama E.M.S.A.

The stroke screen is a popover shown by the PCR's "Assessment" page. The screen can be activated manually; it will activate automatically if the crew member enters certain exam findings that are correlated with stroke.


This feature is also available in the offline PCR.

Manually Recording a Stroke Screen

If you perform a stroke screen without the help of AngelTrack's interactive screen, or not otherwise associated with your patient assessment, then the answer goes into the PCR-Vitals page, not the PCR-Assessment page. This is due to the design of the NEMSIS specification governing EMS data.

Numeric Scores

Two of the interactive stroke screens produce a numeric score:

  • R.A.C.E.
  • Alabama E.M.S.A.

If your state's custom EMS reporting requirements include a numeric stroke score, then you must choose one of the above screens for use in AngelTrack, because the other choices do not produce a numeric score and thus cannot satisfy your state trauma registry.

NEMSIS Reporting

As noted above, the NEMSIS specification dictates that stroke screen results are reported within the PCR-Vitals findings. As such, the attending can record a stroke screen result on each PCR-Vitals taking in AngelTrack; or, he can leave it set to "Auto (from Assessment)", and AngelTrack will send within the PCR-Vitals record the stroke screen result taken from the chronologically nearest PCR-Assessment record.