Automatic Dark Mode

AngelTrack will automatically switch to darkmode when your web browser switches.

Dark mode is useful for crews trying to view their mobile devices at night. Dark mode also relieves the irritation of eye floaters.

AngelTrack's dark-mode styling is quiet and graceful. You might actually prefer it full-time, even during daylight hours.

Activating Dark Mode on a Mobile Device

AngelTrack automatically switches to dark mode when your mobile device itself switches.

On an iOS device, you can activate dark-mode by visiting the Settings menu and selecting the "Display" or "Display & Brightness" section. You can even configure the device to automatically switch to dark mode at night.

On an Android device, the dark-mode setting is normally found on the pulldown quick-settings menu, though it might be located on the second page of items.

Some older mobile devices do not support dark mode. For them, AngelTrack defaults all crew pages to dark mode, and defaults all back-office (dispatch and billing) to light mode.

Activating Dark Mode on a Windows Machine

Beginning in Windows 8, Windows has a systemwide setting for light- and dark-mode. In Windows 10 it can even switch automatically, at night.

To activate it:
  1. Press Windows+M to show your desktop.
  2. Right-click anywhere on your desktop to open the popup menu.
  3. From the popup menu, choose "Personalize" to open the Settings dialog.
  4. From the Settings dialog, choose the "Colors" menu item.
  5. From the "Choose your color" drop-down list, select "Dark".