Will Call

Learn how AngelTrack handles will-call trips

AngelTrack automatically marks certain trips on the unassigned-dispatch board as "will call". You can also manually mark them as such.

"Will Call" is Any Call Waiting for 6 Hours

Any call that sits active but unassigned for six hours will be displayed by AngelTrack as "will call".

Each active call on the unassigned-dispatch board offer an hourglass icon which accomplishes the same thing: Clicking the hourglass will push the dispatch's activation time to six hours in the past, which causes AngelTrack to display it as "will call".

Alternate "Will Call" Designation

Apart from the automatic six-hour system, dispatches can manually designate trips as will-call by means of the Dispatcher Comments field -- place the words "WILL CALL" into the field, and AngelTrack will then show it on the dispatch board.