Timeclock Manual Clockouts Warning

Manual clockouts create legal liability for the company.

Each time a supervisor or member of HR manually clocks-out an employee, instead of the employee doing it themself, it creates a risk that the employee may file a wage claim.

Likewise when a member of HR edits an employee's timecard to correct an incorrect time.

To protect the company from that risk, a company policy is needed which specifies how a manual clockout is to be attested. The attestation would defend the company against any wage claims brought on grounds of timeclock tampering.

"Needs Attention" Flags

AngelTrack will automatically raise the Flag.small.yellow "Needs Attention" flag on any timeclock entry that was manually clocked-out, to remind you that a signed attestation may be required. You can click it to lower the flag once that's taken care of.

Clear it With Your Legal Team First

Labor laws vary by state, so we urge you to consult legal counsel when developing your manual clockouts policy.