Procedures List / Scope of Practice

Learn how to import your state's scope of practice into AngelTrack, and how to keep it updated.

Some states publish their scope of practice (allowed procedures and allowed medications) in a standard way that AngelTrack can easily import for you.

This article discusses the procedures list. To learn about the medications list, which works the same way, visit the Medications List Guide.

Initial AngelTrack Configuration

When your AngelTrack server was first deployed, it started with ordinary lists of procedures and medications appropriate for an MICU provider.

These lists serve as a starting point. Your medical director, FTOs, and/or supervisors are obliged to review and modify the lists to match your protocols and drug loadouts.

Anyone with Administrator or Captain access can review and update your lists in AngelTrack, from the Settings page.

Importing the Scope of Practice From Your State

The Procedure List offers bulk-import capability under the Add.multiple-Sep-21-2022-08-59-07-59-PM icon. Clicking the icon takes you to the bulk-importer, which can pull the approved-procedures and approved-medications data published by your state's health department... though many states do not publish such data, and so you're on your own.

If your state does publish this data, then it was already imported for you when your AngelTrack server was first deployed. It is therefore your responsibility to maintain the data, keeping it consistent with your protocol book. AngelTrack LLC does not touch your procedure list once your server is deployed and turned over to you.

Patch Levels

Every procedure record in AngelTrack's list has datafields indicating which patch levels are authorized to administer it.

When your AngelTrack server was first deployed, these datafields were set to reasonable values; if your state's health department published their scope of practice data, then its patch levels were imported too, so that AngelTrack's lists exactly matched your state's directives.

Thereafter, it is your responsibility to maintain the patch level datafields to match your protocol book.

Adding Details

You may freely modify your procedure list to add details as necessary.

By the way, the same is true for your medications list. To learn more, visit the Medications List Guide.

Re-Importing Later / Change in Scope of Practice

If your state's health department does publish its procedures and medications lists, and if they later announce a change in the scope of practice, then you can easily import the changes into AngelTrack.

While logged-in with Administrator or Captain access, visit your Procedure List by clicking the link on the Settings page. On each one, click the bulk-import icon Add.multiple-Sep-21-2022-08-59-07-59-PM to open the bulk importer. Use the "Fetch from NEMSIS" option, leave all the other settings set to default, and click the "Import" button. AngelTrack will then try to pull the data from your state's health department. If found, AngelTrack will merge the new data into your configured list.

For any brand-new entries, AngelTrack will try to look up any procedure names (the state lists provide medication codes and procedure codes but not names); if it cannot find them, then it will leave those entries named "[Unknown procedure xxxx]", you must look up the names yourself using the free online SNOMED-CT browser.