Medical Director Review System

An explanation of the functionality offered by AngelTrack for a medical director to review relevant calls

Certain jurisdictions will require your medical director to personally review a percentage of your patient contacts, and AngelTrack keeps track of that for you.

AngelTrack's Medical Director Review Queue, available under Supervisor Home, provides review forms and tracking of trips subject to review by your medical director.

Independent of QA Review

The Medical Director Review Queue is completely independent of the QA Review Queue. A review performed by QA has no impact on a review performed by a medical director, and vice versa.

Furthermore, trips do not even appear in the queue for the medical director until after they have passed normal QA review.


The queue displays all dispatches where all of the following are true:

  1. Execution Status is "Completed, Best Effort" or "Completed, As Ordered";
  2. The service provided (as determined during QA Review, or if no QA review was done, then whatever was requested) was BLS+, or file, or extrication, or rescue, or hazmat, or good intent;
  3. The dispatch has passed QA review or skipped over it; and
  4. The "Unit Disposition" field (as set in the Followup) indicates that patient contact occurred.

The queue displays the count of all dispatches that meet those criteria, and it also displays the percentage of those trips which have been reviewed by your medical director.

In the queue, the "Significance Estimate" column contains a column of numbers that represent AngelTrack's estimate of how significant is the PCR from a medical director's point of view. The more serious the patient condition, the higher the significance estimate.


Only employees who are in the Captain or Medical Director roles have access to the Medical Director Review Queue, and only the Medical Director role can perform a review.

Captains have read-only access to the queue so that they can monitor the percentage of reviewed trips, so as to be able to notify the medical director when a backlog has accumulated.


The process of a medical director review is just like that of a normal QA review:

  1. The medical director logs in to AngelTrack, and visits the Medical Director Review Queue. In the queue, AngelTrack will sort the waiting trips by its significance estimate, with the most significant trips sorted to the top.
  2. The medical director selects a trip from the queue, and clicks the "[Not reviewed]" link to open the review form.
  3. From the review form, the medical director can click a link to open the printout of the PCR in a new window.
  4. After completing the review, the medical director fills out the signature block, including his or her comments about the PCR.
  5. If necessary, the medical director can use the incident system to submit an incident for the respective trip, so as to recommend retraining or disciplinary action for the crew.
  6. Click "Save" to return to the queue.


The queue displays the count of eligible trips that occurred within the selected date range, and the percentage of those which have been reviewed. This allows you to verify that your medical director has reviewed the minimum percentage of trips as required by your state or county health department.