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Help: Self-Pay Portal

Welcome to our self-pay portal! Here you can pay any invoice that we've sent you... but you also have the option to mail us a paper check, or call us on the phone, as you like.

Stripe is Our Payment Processor

We integrate with Stripe to process our transactions. They make it quick and easy to pay using your credit card or bank account.

Nevertheless we are always at your service, if you encounter any difficulties!

Payment Methods

When paying online, you will be offered several payment methods. You may use any payment method you wish; there are no extra charges for paying online, or for paying by credit card.

And you always have the option of mailing us a paper check. Please mail it to the address shown on the invoice we sent you.

Partial Payment

If you do not wish to pay the full balance, then you have these options:

  • In the self-pay portal, check to see if Afterpay / Clearpay is available; if it is, then you will be able to pay your invoice in four installments.
  • Mail us a paper check for the partial amount, and we will reinvoice you for the balance.
  • If you are in hardship, call us at the phone number printed on your invoice.

Why is the Balance Due Different?

Our self-pay portal will ask you to pay the current balance due for all trips in the invoice, plus any ledger balance that isn't already asked by your other invoices.

This monetary amount might differ from the total shown on the invoice we mailed you, due to any of the following circumstances:

  1. You or someone else at your organization have already made a payment against the invoice.
  2. A payment was made against a different invoice that overlaps this one, i.e. against another invoice that includes the same trip.
  3. We have made an adjustment to the price of one of the items in the invoice.
  4. Due to other payments made against your other invoices, your ledger balance now differs from what was initially asked by this particular invoice.

We will be glad to explain any change in the balance due; just call us at the number shown on your invoice.

Would You Like Help?

If you have questions about your bill, or wish for someone to assist you with the self-pay portal, call us during normal business hours at the number printed on the invoice we sent you.

We are certain that we can resolve any question or objection you might have!