Internet Access to Your AngelTrack Server

A guide to how AngelTrack's tech stack is implemented, how to use it, and answers to some common questions

AngelTrack is a cloud application that lives on the internet. You can access it 24/7/365 from any internet-connected computer or mobile device.

Accessing Your AngelTrack Cloud Server

Your AngelTrack cloud server is already on the internet, ready to go. It lives in a secure datacenter with protected connections to the internet and to the power grid.

It has a static (i.e. permanent) IP address, and there is a DNS record in the domain that points to it, using your company name. For example, if your company name is Acme EMS, then your AngelTrack cloud server's name will be:

Notice that AngelTrack uses HTTPS: rather than HTTP:. HTTPS is the secure protocol which protects your employees' web traffic from certain cyberattacks. Anyone who connects using the insecure HTTP will be automatically redirected to HTTPS.

Older AngelTrack customers

For the benefit of older AngelTrack customers who signed-up prior to 2019, your AngelTrack server also answers on the domain name, like this:

You may use either AngelTrack domain name interchangeably.


QR Codes to Hang on the Wall at Your Stations

You can hang a QR code on the wall at your stations, which employees can scan with their smartphone or tablet. When scanned, the QR code gives the full web address of your AngelTrack cloud server.

Your cloud server can generate the QR code for itself for you to download and print. Visit the "QR Codes" item from the Settings page to download images of your QR codes.

Browser Requirements

Accessing your AngelTrack server requires a modern internet browser with support for all the following:

  • HTML 4 -- the dominant HTML standard, supported by all modern browsers
  • Javascript -- supported by all browsers, but sometimes turned off
  • Cookies -- supported by all browsers, but sometimes turned off or blocked

The following browsers are officially supported:

  • Chrome
  • Edge
  • Safari
  • Android Browser (a Chrome derivative)

If you use a browser other than the aforementioned, we do not guarantee support. However, most browsers work fine; for instance, AngelTrack employees use Brave.

If your browser has turned off its Javascript or cookies, AngelTrack's login page will detect this, and offer instructions for turning it back on.

TLS version requirement

TLS is "Transport Layer Security". It is the underlying protocol for how your browser makes a secure connection to AngelTrack using HTTPS. It is provided by your computer's operating system for use by your browser.

AngelTrack supports TLS version 1.2, and forbids all connections using the older versions of TLS, as these are insecure.

Only very old devices and operating systems -- like Windows XP -- fail to support TLS version 1.2. As long as you are using reasonably modern computer hardware, you will have no problem meeting AngelTrack's TLS version 1.2 requirement.