AngelTrack Login Mode / Restricting Login to Known Devices

You can further lock down your AngelTrack server by forbidding login from any computer or device that AngelTrack has not seen before.

Activating the Feature

To begin the process of restricting logins to familiar devices, take these steps:

  1. Post an announcement to all employees, informing them of the following:
  2. For your supervisors (captains and lieutenants), dispatchers, and members of HR, post a targeted announcement to teach them the following:
  3. Wait for everyone to have the chance to read the announcements and take action. You can use AngelTrack's announcement system to verify that everyone has seen it.
  4. When everyone in your organization is finally ready, activate the feature by doing the following:
    1. With administrator privileges, visit the Preferences page under Settings.
    2. Find the "Login mode" setting, and switch it from "Public" to "Open".
    3. Save changes.

In the top-bar, in the top-right corner of every AngelTrack page, a gate icon will appear. It will be blinking because the gate is currently open, i.e. AngelTrack is still allowing any device to login.

Private mode

Click the gate icon to close it, and now you are done!

How It Works / Caveats and Hassles

AngelTrack uses cookies to mark computers and devices as familiar, and so Private Mode has the following serious caveats:

These caveats will create annoyances throughout the work week, with users occasionally reporting that they cannot login from a new (or recently-reset) device because AngelTrack says it is in Private Mode.

For that reason, AngelTrack makes it extremely easy for any supervisor, dispatcher, or member of HR to switch AngelTrack back to "Open" for a few minutes while the user logs-in and thus becomes a familiar device.

Two-year cookie lifespan

The "friend of AngelTrack" cookie that AngelTrack sets on your allowed computers and mobile devices is set to expire after two years. Therefore, if a computer does not login to AngelTrack for a period of two years, it will lose access altogether, until AngelTrack is re-opened and it logs in again.

Does Not Affect Other AngelTack Services

This feature does not affect the Customer Portal, which contains no valuable data and so does not justify the hassle of device registration.

Nor does it affect AngelTrack's various APIs, webservices, and integrations such as Movi, Stryker, ET3, Stripe, and NSure.

It affects only employee logins from the normal login page.

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