AngelTrack's messaging system can send emails and SMS messages to employees, notifying them of significant events such as dispatch assignments and clock-ins. AngelTrack can also send email (but not SMS) messages to affiliates and facilities, notifying them of dispatch assignments and invoices.

Message sent to smartphone

When receiving such messages over SMS, the recipient may reply with the word STOP to immediately cease all messaging. The recipient may also reply with the word HELP to learn how to cease and to resume AngelTrack messaging.

AngelTrack EMS Crew Notifications

AngelTrack sends messages to employees to notify them of relevant activity in shifts, dispatches, incidents, and the timeclock.

To receive such messages, an employee must provide AngelTrack with his or her email address or SMS (text-message) phone number, by visiting their Employee Self-Edit page.

There is no requirement to use AngelTrack EMS Crew Notifications. You may choose to participate, or choose to stop participating, at any time and for any reason. The service is provided as an adjunct notification channel that supports, rather than replaces, the Nextel or HF radio dispatch system already in use by your employer.

Opt-in / Configuring your user account for messaging

To configure your messaging settings, simply click your initials in the upper-right corner of any AngelTrack page. This will open the Employee Self-Edit page. Select the "Identity" tab and you will see this:

Messaging settings

Choose email or SMS as your delivery method

You may choose to receive AngelTrack's notifications via email or via SMS. On the messaging settings panel for your employee account, you may select your delivery option here:

Messaging delivery options

If you select SMS as your delivery option, then you will promptly receive a confirmation message:

Welcome to AngelTrack EMS Crew Notifications. Msg&data rates may apply. Msg frequency varies.

Reply YES to confirm. Reply HELP for help or STOP to cancel.

You must reply YES to the confirmation message; if you no longer have the confirmation message on your mobile device, then send the word YES to AngelTrack's SMS phone number, 66592.

AngelTrack will then acknowledge your reply:

Welcome message

At any time you may reply with "STOP" to cancel your subscription and halt all future notifications. Thereafter, you may send "START" to resume.

Choose which notifications you wish to receive

Each employee can choose to receive email or SMS messages about any of the following events, some of which will result in AngelTrack sending more than ten messages per day:

In addition, dispatchers and supervisors can choose to receive the following messages via email (not available by SMS):

Typical messages

The following samples illustrate the typical messages that AngelTrack will send, at the relevant times. The "Reply STOP..." opt-out instructions at the bottom of each message are sent in the case of SMS delivery, but not in the case of email delivery.

ASSIGNED: Rogers, roll now for pickup at Acmee Family Medicine

Scheduled BLS

Reply STOP to unsub
SHIFT in Medic6 is starting

Post: Headquarters
Length: 24 hrs

Crew: Jacob Smith, Jeffrey Jones

Reply STOP to unsub
INCIDENT 4253 assigned: Doe in Ambulance 1268

Time occurred: 2020-10-16 05:48:00

Cause: [Not recorded]
Status: Awaiting assignee

Reply STOP to unsub
CANCELLED: Rogers, pickup at Acme Family Medicine

Reply STOP to unsub
SHIFT in Unit 131 has ended

Actual length: 12:02:00

Reply STOP to unsub
Password reset

Your password was reset from

The new one is: KaboomAliasClear

Reply STOP to unsub
CLOCKOUT from on-duty of 2020-10-27 11:28:00. John Smith.

Reply STOP to unsub
You have successfully been unsubscribed from AngelTrack EMS Crew Notifications. You will not receive any more messages from this number.

Reply START to resubscribe.

Message and data rates may apply

If you choose SMS for delivery of AngelTrack's notifications, rather than email, your mobile carrier may charge you per-message and/or per-kilobyte. You are responsible for these fees, as they will be assessed against your mobile phone plan.

Message frequency

Message frequency varies. AngelTrack may send you up to ten, or possibly even twenty, notifications per day, if you are aboard a busy ambulance that receives many calls throughout your shift.


To halt delivery of SMS messages from AngelTrack, you may do either of:

To halt delivery of email messages from AngelTrack sends, visit your AngelTrack home page, and click your initials to visit your Employee Self-Edit page. From there you may untick all the message types that you no longer wish to receive. You should leave your email address in-place, even if all other message types are un-ticked, so that AngelTrack can send you password-reset emails if you forget your password.

Location services

AngelTrack EMS crew notifications are not location-aware. They are sent to notify you of events relating to dispatches, shifts, the timeclock, incidents, and password resets; they are not aware of your location, nor are they affected by it.

Additional customer care

For further help regarding SMS delivery of AngelTrack's notification messages, you may reply "HELP" to any AngelTrack SMS message. You will then receive additional instructions, as well as a contact email address and toll-free number in case you need to speak to someone in technical support.

For further help regarding email delivery of AngelTrack's notification messages, you may click the "i" icon on AngelTrack's home page to view the technical support contact phone number and email address.

Under no circumstances does AngelTrack share your phone number, email address, or other personal data with any third party. Please refer to AngelTrack's Privacy Statement for details.

Your mobile carrier is not liable for message delivery problems

If using SMS for delivery of AngelTrack's notifications, rather than email, be advised that your mobile carrier tries their best to deliver the messages in a reliable and timely manner... but many external factors can interfere with this process. It is a "best effort" system; neither your carrier nor AngelTrack LLC nor your employer is liable for lost or delayed SMS messages.

Messages to Affiliates

If you configure the email addresses for your affiliates, AngelTrack can send them messages.

The affiliate's email provider must be HIPAA-compliant, as AngelTrack's messages will often contain PHI data. This feature is not available over SMS.

Dispatch assignments, changes, and cancellations

AngelTrack sends a message to the affiliate when a dispatch is assigned or unassigned to that affiliate. This gives the affiliate an advanced written record of work to be performed: the email is sent as soon as the dispatch is assigned, so if you pre-assign the day's work, the affiliate can learn of their assignments ahead of time.

When a change or cancellation occurs to a dispatch that is assigned to an affiliate, the affiliate is sent a notification message. The message contains all the information the affiliate needs to account for the change/cancellation.

These are all sent automatically to the affiliate's primary messaging address, if configured.

Run reports and invoices

If the affiliate has a secondary messaging address configured, and if a dispatch is marked as billable to the affiliate, then the PCR will offer an option to the crew to email the run report as a PDF to that address.

Also, when the Invoice Generator for Affiliates creates an invoice for that affiliate, it will offer -- upon commit -- to send the completed invoice to that email address.

Messages to Facilities

If you configure the email addresses of your facilities, AngelTrack can send them messages.

The facility's email provider must be HIPAA-compliant, as AngelTrack's messages will often contain PHI data. This feature is not available over SMS.

Whenever a facility has an email address configured to receive PCRs, and if the facility is attached to a dispatch as the origin or destination, then the PCR will offer an option to the crew to email the run report as a PDF to that address.

Each facility record also has a configurable email address for invoices. The Invoice Generator for Facilities will offer -- upon commit -- to send the completed invoice to that email address.

Compliance With HIPAA Security Rule

AngelTrack's email provider, MailGun, complies with the HIPAA Security Rule for sending PHI data. However, the recipient of AngelTrack's emails must also be compliant.

Most email providers are not compliant with the HIPAA security rule; to see which ones are, visit HIPAA HQ's list…. Do not input a recipient email address into AngelTrack until you have spoken with the recipient and received their assurance that their email provider is HIPAA secure!

This matter does not apply to messages sent via SMS, aka AngelTrack EMS Crew Notifications, because they do not contain PHI data subject to HIPAA.

Diagnosing Problems

If AngelTrack's messages are not arriving as expected, check all of the following:

  1. Verify that the employee in question (the one who does not receive AngelTrack's messages) has input his correct messaging address into his employee settings in AngelTrack, and that the employee has checked the box indicating his desire to be notified of that particular event.
  2. Check the employee's record in AngelTrack to see if there are any error-messages or unsubscribe-requests noted next to his messaging address fields.
  3. If the problem is the delivery of messages via email, then consider the following workarounds:
  4. If the problem is the delivery of SMS texts, then consider these possible explanations:
  5. For both email and SMS problems, if your mobile devices have a poor signal inside your metal station building, or in the backs of your vehicles, adding a mobile-hotspot device probably won't help, but a WeBoost signal-booster device probably will.
  6. If all else fails, contact AngelTrack Support, using the phone number displayed when clicking the "Support" item on the AngelTrack home page.

If AngelTrack deletes your messaging address from its records

AngelTrack will remove a messaging address from an employee/vehicle/affiliate/facility record under the following circumstances:

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