Emails as Text Messages

AngelTrack can deliver its messages over SMS or over email. If AngelTrack's SMS messages are not getting through, then you can instead try sending them to your phone via an email-to-SMS gateway.

An SMS gateway accepts email messages, and retransmits them as SMS messages to the specified phone number. The SMS gateway provides a unique email address for every phone number it supports; for example, AT&T's SMS gateway provides an email address for each and every AT&T mobile device.

Email-to-SMS Gateway List

The email address provided by the SMS gateway typically follows this pattern: For example, the AT&T mobile device at phone number 212-555-1313 has the following email address at AT&T's SMS gateway:

Every mobile provider has its own SMS gateway, and some of them vary in how the email addresses are formatted. Here are the SMS gateways for the most common US cellular providers, where ########## is your ten-digit mobile number with no dashes or spaces:

Cellular Provider Your Cellphone's Text Message Address
Alltel (Allied Wireless)
AT&T Enterprise
AT&T Global Messaging by
Chariton Valley
Cingular (Postpaid)
C Spire
i-wireless (Sprint PCS)
Page Plus
Red Pocket
South Central
Spectrum(uses Verizon's gateway)
West Central

If you don't see your cellular provider in the list, then just give them a call and ask.

Once you've determined the SMS gateway email address of the desired mobile device, specify that address in AngelTrack as the crew member's or vehicle's Messaging Address. Be sure to click the button to send a test message in order to verify that everything is configured correctly.

Does Your Email Address Say "[blocked]" in AngelTrack?

AngelTrack will mark an email address as "[blocked]" whenever any of the following conditions are met:

If you still wish to receive emails from AngelTrack, you must use a different email address... or switch to SMS messaging.

Messages Still Not Going Through?

Some cellular carriers are better than others at this. If you can't get reliable delivery from yours, know that you are not alone.

For messages bound for employees and vehicles, some of the AngelTrack message types can be sent directly as SMS texts, rather than as emails; review your (or your vehicle's) messaging settings and try using the SMS option instead of the email option.

Another workaround is to use a paid service like TextMagic. They charge a few bucks a month to deliver incoming emails to you as text messages. Open a TextMagic account and then set up a "Distribution List" which includes your cellphone number. Then give AngelTrack the email address of the distribution list (e.g. as your messaging address. A single TextMagic account can serve your entire company, sparing employees the hassle and minor expense of setting up accounts on their own. Simply configure one distribution list per employee (or per vehicle tablet), and then input the list's email address into the employee (or vehicle) record's messaging settings.

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