Upgrades to AngelTrack

This document explains how your AngelTrack cloud server receives upgraded software, and how you can learn what is included in recent upgrades.

Upgrades Arrive Automatically

Your cloud server will always have the newest publicly-released build of the AngelTrack software. A publicly-released build is one which has been tested successfully on AngelTrack LLC's internal development servers and on a live cloud server belonging to an AngelTrack customer who has agreed to be a beta site.

The current version of the AngelTrack software running on your cloud server is displayed near the top of the AngelTrack home page. Additional details are shown on the Diagnostics page under Settings, but you must be an Administrator to view it.

You are never required to download or install anything onto your cloud server, or onto any of your mobile devices or desktop computers.

Upgrades Happen During the Maintenance Window

Your AngelTrack cloud server has a weekly maintenance window, which opens during the morning hours every Sunday morning. Maintenance and upgrades occur while the window is open, and so there may be an interruption in AngelTrack service.

Maintenance windows are explained here: the maintenance window schedule. When a maintenance window is approaching, all AngelTrack web pages will display a warning like this:

Maint window approaching

A similar warning, except in red, is shown while the maintenance window is actually open. During such times you should save your work very often, because your cloud server might require a reboot which could occur without any additional warning.

Notification of an Upgrade

To find out about new upgrades, visit angeltrack.com and review the list of release notes.

If you wish to be notified by email when a new upgrade goes out, you must subscribe to the AngelTrack Announcements Mailing List by contacting AngelTrack Support.

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