VoIP Phone Integration

AngelTrack has light integration with VoIP telephone software, to make it easy to dial the phone numbers shown throughout the product.

VoIP on the Dispatcher's Computer

If your VoIP software has a "soft phone" or "software phone" module, AngelTrack can lightly integrate with it.

On all of AngelTrack's pages, phone numbers are rendered as links of type "tel:". You can see one in this picture, the phone numbers are clickable blue links:

Tel Links

Your VoIP software should register itself (on your computer) as a handler for tel: links. Once that's been done, clicking any tel: link will pop up the VoIP software and dial the number automatically.

VoIP on Crew Mobile Devices

If the crew's mobile device has phone service, then they can click on any phone number displayed in any AngelTrack page to immediately dial that number, in the same manner as the dispatcher described above.

With this capability in mind, AngelTrack displays the origin and destination phone numbers to the crew when they are running a call. If your supervisors take the time to get direct phone numbers to your hospital ERs, and input these phone numbers into AngelTrack's facility records, then AngelTrack will display the numbers to the crews at appropriate times. They will then be able to click the number to immediately phone in their report to their destination ER.

Migrating to full VoIP service

Cellular networks have finally gotten fast enough and reliable enough, at least in cities, for VoIP to be a reliable platform for communications between dispatchers and crews. If your VoIP software has an app suitable for your crew members' mobile devices, they can use it in lieu of Nextels or pagers or whatever communications channel you currently use. This can halve the number of mobile devices you must pay for and maintain.

VoIP fax service

Some VoIP apps also have fax capability. When such capability is present, the crew member can simply push the "PDF" button in AngelTrack's PCR to deliver a .PDF copy of the run report to the VoIP fax app, like this iPad with the RingCentral app installed:

Fax out with VoIP

From there they can send the report to an ER, or to a nursing home, or anyone who needs an electronic copy.

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