Billable No Transport [BNT]

A 'Billable No Transport', or BNT, is a Dispatch for which transportation was requested, and did arrive onscene, but was then declined by the patient or by the facility.

For example, if a nursing home books a trip for the patient's nephrologist appointment, and then the appointment is cancelled, but the nursing home fails to cancel the transportation, then a BNT will occur. The vehicle will show up to collect the patient and end up not transporting the patient.

Charging for BNTs

When a BNT occurs, the ambulance agency may wish to bill for the cost of the pickup. Obviously there will not be any billable mileage, since the patient did not go anywhere; there is just the pickup charge.

If the negligent party is the facility or the patient, and you wish to charge them for it, then the dispatcher must close the dispatch as "Completed, best effort" by clicking the Best effort button, rather than the As ordered button. The "best effort" status can also be set using the Dispatch Followup page.

Otherwise -- if you do not wish to charge them for it -- then cancel the dispatch instead of completing it.

To learn more about "Completed, best effort" and how it affects the postprocess workflow, read the Postprocess Workflow guide.

BNTs in Invoices

The invoice generators understand what BNTs are, and will specifically call them out in the generated invoice. This is done so that you can discuss them with the customer, who may ask why they are being charged for a dispatch with no mileage.

Teach your dispatchers to add a dispatcher note -- or a billing comment -- explaining what happened to cause the BNT. Any dispatcher note or billing comment that begins with an explanation point will be printed in the invoice. For example:

This line of text will not be displayed in the invoice for the customer.
!This line will be displayed in the invoice, since it begins with an explanation point.
But this line will not, even though it contains an explanation point!

To learn more about adding comments to line items in an invoice, read the Invoice Comments guide. To learn more about invoicing, start with the Invoices guide.

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