How AngelTrack Handles Imprecise Pickup Times

A walkthrough of AngelTrack's functionality regarding Imprecise Pickup Times

Imprecise Pickup Times

When booking round trips, the time of the return-trip is usually uncertain: you know it will take at least 30 minutes, but it could be two hours or more. Likewise with dialysis return-trips: normally dialysis runs for four hours, but sometimes it takes much less or much more time. For these situations, the return-trip pickup time is marked imprecise:


Imprecise pickup times look like this on the dispatch board:


...and likewise when disaptching from the Live Map:

Imprecise pickup times on the Live Map

When an exact pickup time is eventually received, click the associated dispatch and set the time, checking the "Precise" checkbox in the process. The question-mark then disappears from the dispatch board.

Recurring appointment with imprecise return times

Dialysis trips and similar recurring appointments will combine all three: recurrence, imprecise pickup times, and exceptions. The dispatch occurs repeatedly, and each time it does, the return-trip time is not known for certain until later in the day.

You can call the dialysis center and get an exact off time. Then edit the return-trip dispatch, record the exact time, and check both checkboxes: precise and exception. In this way, you can record an exact pickup time for just today; next trip will go back to imprecise as usual.

Anyone watching the dispatch board can therefore immediately see which dialysis return-trips have gotten exact off times versus which ones have not: