Movi Integration

AngelTrack is fully integrated with Movi, allowing you to immediately move calls in without double entry of data

AngelTrack integrates with Movi to allow that platform to automatically push trip data into your AngelTrack dispatch system.


Movi Signup and Configuration Checklist

To use AngelTrack's Movi integration, you must have a Movi account. To get one, go here: Movi Signup

Once your Movi account is provisioned, Movi will ask you for your AngelTrack integration settings. AngelTrack will display them for you, if you click the "Movi Configuration" item under Settings... You must have Administrator, Captain, or Principal access in AngelTrack to do so.

The settings are:

  1. URL of your AngelTrack server's Movi webhook

    If your AngelTrack server's URL is:

    ...then your Movi webhook URL is:

    The URL is case-sensitive, so you must precisely type it into Movi's configuration page.

  2. Username

    This is the AngelTrack username of an account that belongs to at least one of the following security roles: Administrator, Principal, or Dispatcher. Furthermore, if it is a Dispatcher and none of the other roles, then it cannot be marked as Provisional.

    All dispatches that are created, updated, or cancelled in AngelTrack by Movi will be marked as originating from the login name you select. Therefore, you should input the AngelTrack username of whichever person is going to be approving trips in the Movi portal.

  3. Integration secret

    This is a 36-character UUID that looks like this: XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX

    Every AngelTrack server has its own unique integration secret; the Movi Configuration page (Admin Home > Settings > Movi Integration) will display yours for you. It is case-sensitive.

  4. Provider ID

    This is the hostname for your AngelTrack server. If your AngelTrack server's URL is:

    ...then your Provider ID is "acme" (no quotes).

Approving Trips

Someone from your company will access Movi's web interface to approve or decline trips that Movi offers.

For any trip you approve, Movi will transmit the trip data to AngelTrack, using the integration settings you configured. When AngelTrack receives the trip data, it will store everything in its database. AngelTrack will attempt to match the Movi patient data to an existing patient record, but if it cannot, then it will create a new patient record. Likewise, AngelTrack will attempt to match the Movi pickup and drop-off addresses to existing facility records, but if it cannot, then the dispatch will be created using plain street addresses -- without facility records attached.

AngelTrack will never reject a trip sent in by Movi, as the Movi API has no mechanism for that.

Note that a round-trip in Movi will become an outbound/return dispatch pair in AngelTrack.

Updates and Cancellations

Movi will notify AngelTrack of any updates or cancellations to trips on-file. AngelTrack will process these changes just as though a dispatcher had made the change using AngelTrack's UI, and will send notification messages to crews where applicable.

Dispatches in AngelTrack cannot be un-cancelled, so AngelTrack will ignore any un-cancellation sent by Movi, as would occur if a user in Movi books a trip, then cancels it, then un-cancels it. In this situation, the user in Movi must book a new trip, rather than un-cancelling an existing cancelled trip. Likewise for the case of a round-trip in Movi that gets changed into a one-way, then back to round-trip.

Each dispatch's journal will show any updates that were received from Movi.

Duplicate Patient Records

For any trip pushed into AngelTrack by Movi, AngelTrack must create a patient record if it cannot find one that matches the demographic data sent by Movi. Movi sends the following demographic data:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security Number
  • Home address
  • Phone number

AngelTrack does not use the home address or phone number to match patient records, because many patients may be residing at the same address (a nursing home) and likewise may be using the same phone number.

If AngelTrack does not find a match using the name, DOB, and SSN, it will create a new patient record. Possibly this could result in a duplicate record, if there is a typo in AngelTrack's existing patient records or in Movi's demographic data.

As usual, a dispatcher or biller must perform periodic checks of your patient records in order to merge any duplicates.

Automatic Tagging

Any dispatch pushed into the system by Movi will be automatically tagged with any tag that meets the following criteria:

  • The tag is marked ☑ Active, and either of the following are true:
    • The tag is marked ☑ Default, or
    • The tag is named "Movi" (no quotes).

In other words, if you want AngelTrack to automatically tag your Movi trips as such, then simply create an AngelTrack tag named "Movi".

Reviewing Trips Sent By Movi

From AngelTrack's Movi Configuration page under Settings, you can click a link to visit the Movi Trip Log, which shows all dispatches that were pushed into AngelTrack by Movi.

Because Movi books round-trips as a single trip ID, AngelTrack's grid of Movi trips only shows the outbound leg of each trip; you must click each one to view its return-trip, if any.

Remember that all trips sent by Movi are booked under the login name of whichever user is configured in Movi's system. That is to say, if you configure Jane Doe's login 'JDoe' as the AngelTrack username in Movi's system, then all trip adds, updates, and cancellations pushed by Movi into AngelTrack will be booked under Jane Doe's username. They will appear as though Jane Doe booked, updated, and/or cancelled them herself.