Onlooker Role / Logins from Hospitals and Government

The special 'Onlooker' security role lets you grant hospitals and government officials read-only access to certain data in your AngelTrack server

Types of Onlooker

City and county onlookers are health department officials who wish to monitor your active dispatch board as it pertains to a specific city or county. They login to your AngelTrack server, and can see the progress of all assigned calls originating in their jurisdiction.

Facility onlookers, on the other hand, are employees at hospitals or nursing homes who wish to download completed run reports for trips to and from their facility.

Onlooker Login

Onlooker accounts are otherwise normal employee accounts, which means they have passwords and can login in the normal way. Their activities are logged just like any other employee, and you can deactivate their account at any time.

Do not confuse the onlooker role with customer-portal access codes, which you can issue to your facilities and affiliates so that they can monitor your active calls without HIPAA encumbrance. Customer-portal access codes are shared by all users at the facility or affiliate, whereas an onlooker login might access PHI and so must be granted to a specific human who does not share it with others.

Access Granted to All Onlookers

Members of the Onlooker role can view a special abbreviated dispatch board, which displays all calls that are active and assigned to shifts and affiliates. They can also view these same calls on the Live Map. They cannot see calls that are unassigned or inactive, nor view any details, nor make any changes.

They are also permitted to use the incident system as would any other employee, however they cannot be blamed in any incident. They also cannot be targeted by announcements, even those for "Everyone", unless they belong to other security roles indicating that they are regular employees.

Access Granted to City and County Onlookers

Each city or county onlooker account can be restricted to a certain city, or a certain county, if they do not have the right to view your other dispatch activity. You can also restrict them to viewing only your emergent and critical calls, in which case AngelTrack will not show them your low-acuity and scheduled work. All of these restrictions can be set for each individual onlooker account, using the Employee HR Edit page.

Access Granted to Facility Onlookers

Facility onlookers can monitor the progress of active assigned calls to and from their facility. They can also access the Closed Dispatches page, letting them review all historical call data for their location. They can download any run report in printable, PDF, NEMSIS XML, or NFIRS format. Their downloads are logged in the PHI access journal.

Marking Regular Employees as Onlookers

If you want to grant all employees access to a read-only dispatch board, and you aren't using self-dispatch PCR mode which already grants that privilege to your crew members, you can instead mark everyone as an onlooker. That will give them access to the onlooker dispatch board, where they can monitor calls and crew progress but not be able to make any changes.