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Facility Service Requests

Facility Service Requests are a special kind of incident record, designed to capture and fulfill requests coming in from facilities.

Facilities usually make service requests over the phone, and usually while booking transport. Some typical service requests are:

It is often the responsibility of your call-takers and dispatchers to write down the request and transmit it to the appropriate person for fulfillment.

The purpose of AngelTrack's Facility Service Request system is to automate that process and boost its reliability.

Call-Takers and Dispatchers

Call-takers and dispatchers receive most of the incoming requests from facilities, so they must be familiar with AngelTrack's incident system, and comfortable submitting new "Facility request for service" incidents.

They can also quickly create a service request by clicking the ?! icon, which appears in dispatch records next to each attached facility.

New Service Requests Wait in Triage

Although the call-taker/dispatcher has the option of assigning the new request to a specific employee, it is not necessary to do so. New requests can remain unassigned -- in triage -- which raises the triage flag Triage. Supervisors and salespeople will then see the flag and can triage the incident.


Open requests All members of the "Salesperson" role can always read, write, reassign, and/or close any incident record whose cause is set to "Facility Request for Service".

Salespeople can therefore always see what service requests are outstanding, and whom (if anyone) they are assigned to. They can freely pass the requests among the other salespeople, and to other employees (including crews) as necessary.

In addition, the Sales Home page's list of contracted facilities visually indicates which facilities have outstanding service requests, as shown at right.

Managing is Not Necessarily Fulfilling

Declaring your head salesperson is responsible for managing all service requests in the system does not mean he or she is also responsible for fulfilling all of them. The simpler requests -- envelope dropoffs and the like -- can be delegated to crews or to lieutenants. The more complex tasks can be delegated to captains, billers, or other salespeople.

Take Advantage of the Messaging System

AngelTrack's messaging system will notify the employee to whom an incident is assigned, or unassigned. It will also give notification when an incident assigned to him or her is modified by another employee.

Salespeople in particular should take advantage of this system, by registering (in their Employee File page) the email address of their mobile device. Make sure that ☑ Assigned to or removed from an incident is checked.

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