Air Medical Functionality in AngelTrack

The functionality AngelTrack offers for fixed and rotor-wing EMS transports

AngelTrack supports dispatching and billing of ALS/MICU air medical services.


Make sure your AngelTrack Preferences (under Settings) show that you offer ALS service.

You may need to configure a "station" for your air vehicles to post at, as they most likely do not stay in the same bay as your ground vehicles.

Then, add your air units into the system as vehicles of the appropriate type, service level ALS or MICU, and set their stations. You will then be able to put them on shift.

The Pricing page will then allow you to set prices for air services; see below.


An air shift is treated like a ground unit shift, except without collecting a starting odometer reading or fuel level. The crew must have the same patch levels to qualify as ALS or MICU.

Assign calls to your air shifts just like you would for any other shift. The pilot can use his or her smartphone in the usual way to mark the times and GPS locations of takeoffs and landings. The transport odometer reading will be the mileage as the crow flies.

If making a long flight where mobile internet service is unavailable, the crew can use the Offline PCR to mark their progress and perform basic charting.


If you offer air services that are provided by an affiliate, then configure that affiliate's "Delegation" settings to indicate which type of air service they provide: rotary or fixed-wing.

You can use AngelTrack to perform the billing for air services delegated to (i.e. provided by) them, if you tick their "Subcontractor billing" checkbox. All other rules for in-house billing of delegated calls will operate normally.

QA Review

The PCR behaves the same for an air transport as for ground -- collecting the normal bookkeeping for an ALS service level trip.

The QA reviewer doesn't even need to know that the transport went by air, except to note that the odometer readings will show the flight distance rather than the distance by road.


Once you have an air unit active among your vehicles, AngelTrack will show the price schedules for fixed-wing (A0430/A0435) or rotary-wing (A0431/A0436) as appropriate. You must configure your retail rate using the Pricing page under Billing Home -- a task that only the ★Principal employee is allowed to perform.

You can have custom air rates for each facility, affiliate, and patient, in the usual way.

The Pricing page will compare your contracted air rates to what Medicare pays in the same ZIP code, to provide the usual AKS warning. Note that this is not legal advice.

Insurance Claims

Air dispatches will arrive in the billing queues just like any other calls. AngelTrack will always treat them as A0430/A0431 regardless of what service level they were dispatched or QA'd at.

The Coding page will see that the trip was assigned to an aircraft, and so will suggest the air transport service codes as appropriate. Price schemas work just like they do for any other trip.

Coding batches and payment events work like they always do.


Like the Pricing page, the invoice generators will offer to include A0430 and A0431 sections in an invoice if there are any fixed-wing or rotary-wing vehicles, respectively, recorded as active in AngelTrack.

Those categories behave just like all the other service categories in an invoice.

Your air transports will move through the postprocess workflow just like ground trips do.


Any grid or chart in AngelTrack that does not have separate categories for air services will instead report air transports as the EMS service level that was provided: ALS or MICU. In other words, throughout most of AngelTrack's reporting, your air transports will be blended with your ground transports.

In a data export, you can differentiate them by looking at either the assigned vehicle or at the insurance pickup code (A0430/A0431).

Fleet Management

AngelTrack's fleet management tools are likely insufficient for aircraft. Air units will not appear in AngelTrack's maintenance tracking system.

Your air crews can record their fuel purchases, if you want to be able to see that data alongside that of your ground vehicles. However, AngelTrack cannot estimate the current fuel level of an aircraft.