Authorization / Licensing

Learn how AngelTrack is licensed, and how to create, adjust, suspend, or cancel your subscription.


30-Day License Increments

AngelTrack licenses are always purchased in 30-day increments.

Your EMS license always includes CAD and billing, which means it includes all AngelTrack features except:

  • book fire calls using the CAD or via API
  • Report Builder

Your fire license does not include CAD and billing, which means you will probably need to purchase the CAD + Billing license separately, unless you have no dispatch office because you receive trip data through one of AngelTrack's APIs.

A fire license plus a CAD + Billing license includes all AngelTrack features except:

  • book EMS calls using the CAD or via API
  • Report Builder

Stripe is Our Payment Processor

AngelTrack uses Stripe to process license payments.

This is separate from the Stripe account that you might've created for yourself when yhou activated AngelTrack's invoice self-pay portal i.e. for use by your patients and contracted facilities.

Your AngelTrack server might still have an active Paypal subscription. Paypal is AngelTrack's former payment processor, and so your Paypal subscription is presently grandfathered, as long as it remains active and current. If you suspend it, or if you fall behind on payments such that it deactivates itself, then AngelTrack will automatically switch you over to Stripe for future license purchases.

Manually Purchasing a License Every Month

Authorization.large.redThere is no requirement to have an auto-pay subscription; you can manually purchase a license whenever you wish.

When your server is down to just five license days left, AngelTrack will warn you by turning the authorization icon red, as shown at right.

Automatic Monthly Subscription

It's easy to set up a subscription which will auto-draft your credit card or bank account to keep your AngelTrack license renewed. Simply visit the AngelTrack Home page, click the authorization icon, make sure the "Recurring" purchase option is selected, and then follow the on-screen prompts to complete the purchase of your first 30-day license. You will then be automatically subscribed on a 30-day renewal period.

If you do not like auto-draft, then please call, and we can set you up an automatic invoice. You will receive a new invoice via email every 30 days, for which you can initiate payment from your side using credit card or EFT.

Suspending, unsuspending, or cancelling your subscription

To review, suspend, restart, or cancel your subscription, visit your AngelTrack Home page, click the authorization link to go to the Authorization page, then click the link that appears just to the right of the label "Payment plan status".

You can freely suspend and restart your subscription whenever you wish. 

If you wish to change the products in your subscription, you must cancel it and create a new one, or call us and we can adjust it for you over the phone.

Report Builder Licenses

ReportBuilder.largeThe Report Builder feature is a premium add-on that requires its own license.

If you have a grandfathered Paypal subscription, you must suspend it, and therefore switch yourself to our new payment processor (Stripe), before you can add a Report Builder license to your server.

Reviewing Past License Purchases

To review your past license purchases, visit your AngelTrack Home page and click the authorization icon. Scroll down to see the grid of all your past license purchases.

You can export the grid in the usual way, by clicking the export icon Export-Sep-21-2022-07-47-54-40-PM at its upper-right corner.

Printing Receipts for Past License Purchases

If you need receipts for your past license purchases, they are available on the Authorization page, which you can reach by going to your AngelTrack Home page and clicking the authorization icon.

Below the grid of your past license purchases, find the label that reads "Print a receipt for your AngelTrack license purchases", and choose one of the links that follow it.


If you purchased a license by mistake, or otherwise desire a refund, please call us. We can probably resolve the matter for you much more quickly than would happen if you dispute the charge.

Reviewing the Terms of Service Document

If you wish to review or print the last Terms of Service document you signed, then visit your AngelTrack Home page, place your cursor in the browser's URL box, and change it to:

If and when we update our Terms of Service, your principal employee will be automatically prompted to sign it again.