Cash Pay

AngelTrack makes it easy to offer "cash pay" services, and handle processing afterward.

Wallet with cash

Booking a Cash-Pay Service

The dispatcher must perform some additional steps when booking a service that is to be paid up front by the patient:

  1. In the dispatch's payment options, select "Cash up front";
  2. Use the embedded map on the Dispatch Create page to calculate the cost, or use another mapping application to figure the mileage and cost; and
  3. Input the cost into the "Price quote" field.

We recommend completing this steps during call creation, but the relevant fields can also be filled out later.

The crew will be prompted to collect the payment

When the time comes to run the call, AngelTrack will prompt the crew to collect the amount due. They will be prompted while on-scene, and again while at destination. This is what the crews will see on their mobile devices:

Cash pay reminder

If the call is booked as a round trip, then AngelTrack will display the one-way price and the round-trip price, to give the customer the option to pay half up front or to pay all at once.

Special Rates for Frequent Fliers

If you have patients who travel regularly, yet pay cash, you may wish to give them a discount off your retail prices. AngelTrack can automate this, so your dispatchers and billers won't need to remember which patient gets which rate.

In the Pricing page you can set special below-retail price schedules, for all service levels, to be assigned to specific patients. Once you've configured these "patient rates", you can assign the rates to individual patient records; do so using the "Billing" tab of the Patient Edit page, or using the Expand popup patient editor that appears in many pages.

Once that's done, the next time you book a call for those patients, AngelTrack will show the dispatcher an estimated price at retail (as usual) and also an estimated price at the patient's assigned rate.

Effect of Cash-Pay on Postprocess Workflow

A cash-pay dispatch skips  Billing office  on its first trip through the postprocess workflow, since there is presumably no billing to be done. Instead, upon graduating QA, it goes straight to  Awaiting payment .

Cash pay workflow

If there is some billing to be done, you can send it back to  Billing office ... in which case it will appear in the Invoice Generator for Patients to be invoiced.

For further reading, read the Postprocess Workflow guide.

Provide Envelopes and a Locking Collection Box

Doc box Crews that perform cash-pay services probably need access to payment envelopes -- either onboard their vehicle, or available back at the station. You can print a stack of payment envelopes yourself, using templates available on the internet.

Process Envelopes in the Billing Office

Envelopes collected from the crews are processed in the billing office. The contents of each envelope must be matched up with its run record in AngelTrack.

AngelTrack's Record a Payment Event page, accessible from the Billing home page, provides a variety of filters for locating the appropriate dispatch record. You can search by run ID, or by date, or by patient name, or origin facility, or any combination thereof. All cash-pay services that pass (or skip) QA immediately show up in the Record a Payment Event page, as  Awaiting payment . They skip over the Billing office because there is nothing to bill, at least until after the payment envelope is collected and processed.

Once the correct run record is located, record a payment event for the money. If the money is sufficient to pay the full amount due, then move the dispatch to  Finished  when saving the payment event. And you're done.

If the money is insufficient and there is an amount still due, move the dispatch back to  Billing office  and set the Payor to "Patient" if not already. This will cause the dispatch to appear in the Invoice Generator for Patients, so that the patient may be billed (or credited) for the remaining balance.

Accepting Credit Cards

Credit cards can be accepted using this same process... but instead of placing cash into the envelope, the crew places the merchant copy of the credit card receipt.

You can also process the credit statement centrally. You must record each payment in AngelTrack using a payment event, in the usual way. The associated transactions will appear in the Check Register.

Just as you can do with paper checks, you can apply multiple credit-card transactions to a single invoice, or a single credit-card transaction against multiple invoices, and AngelTrack will link all the records together.

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