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Confirmation calls are usuall phone calls you place the night before to verify that tomorrow's scheduled dispatches are still expected.

Making Calls

To quickly confirm tomorrow's scheduled calls, open the Confirmations for Tomorrow page. There you will see tomorrow's schedule, sorted by facility, with each facility's phone number shown. (If you don't see phone numbers, then edit your facility records to add them.) The dropdown list at the top shows all facilities and other origins that have scheduled pickups, and the grid shows the scheduled pickups for the selected facility or origin.

By organizing the calls in this way, you can quickly confirm all calls originating from each facility or origin, with a single phone call. If the call is confirmed, check the box next to it; otherwise click the Cancel link to cancel. After checking the boxes, we recommend typing in the person's name into the box and click "Confirm".

Once all calls for the selected facility or origin are finished, the next item in the list will be selected. Continue with your calls until the list is empty.

Telephone call

Confirmations over the weekend

If you visit the Confirmations for Tomorrow page on a Saturday or Sunday, it will show both Sunday's and Monday's scheduled calls. This way, your Saturday dispatcher complete all of the confirmations in one session.

Reviewing Confirmations Made Earlier

When a confirmation is logged in AngelTrack, it subsequently appears in three places:

Confirmations Appear on Invoices

If a dispatch ends up on a facility's invoice, then it will be accompanied by a comment showing when it was confirmed and who confirmed it. This is useful when submitting an invoice which contains "Best Effort" items which were not covered by insurance.

Many of the "Best Effort" calls come from EMS showing up for a scheduled transport and discovering the patient was already discharged, or is otherwise unavailable. Therefore, most "Best Effort" charges consist of the visit price but no mileage price... and they aren't covered by insurance because no covered services were performed, so they always end up on the facility's invoice. Facilities often balk when they see such charges on their invoice. The comment, showing that the call was confirmed the night before, provides an affirmative defense to any such objection.

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