QA Review FAQ

A list of the frequently asked questions on QA Review

Why is the "Service Provided" sometimes different than the "Service Requested"?

It is the QA reviewer's responsibility to determine the actual service level provided, which obviously can differ greatly from the service level requested. Once that determination is made, all of AngelTrack's postprocess workflow treats the dispatch as the level provided rather than the level requested.

QA reviewers can upgrade or downgrade calls as they see fit.

AngelTrack will estimate what service level was provided by examining the PCR records created by the crew, and also the patch levels held by the crew members. This estimate is displayed on the QA Review page as an underline on the appropriate radiobutton. If the QA reviewer chooses a service level other than the one underlined, they should be able to explain why... and should do so in the Billing Notes field.

To learn more about the QA review process, read the QA Review Process Guide.

Why is AngelTrack's estimate of the "Service Provided" always coming up "wheelchair"?

One of the things AngelTrack considers in estimating the service provided, is the patch levels of all crew members who were aboard the vehicle. If some of the crew members have forgotten to record their certificates in AngelTrack, then AngelTrack does not know that they have patches. As a result it will conclude that only wheelchair service was provided.

Also remember: AngelTrack checks the crew's certificates that were in force on the date of service. It may be necessary for crew members to appropriately backdate their certificate records in AngelTrack, so that they will show up on the date they ran the call. To learn more about certificate tracking in AngelTrack, read the Certificate Tracking Guide.

Does AngelTrack LLC offer QA services too?


My state requires my medical director to review 10% of my patient contacts...?

Use the Medical Director Review Queue, under Supervisor Home, to accomplish that. Your medical director must be granted a login to AngelTrack, and must be tagged in the "Medical director" role.

To learn more, refer to the Medical Director Review Queue Guide.

Why does the QA review form say, "The estimated service is beyond the configured capabilities of the responding vehicle(s)" ?

The QA review form will say this if the trip was assigned to a shift that wasn't qualified to render the service that was requested.

That will happen if dispatchers are overriding AngelTrack's shift-capabilities checks, and dropping higher-level calls onto lower-level units -- such as assigning ALS calls to BLS units.

Each shift's capabilities are automatically calculated according to the vehicle's capabilities and the crew certificates on file. The dispatcher can optionally override this calculation, and instead manually specify a shift's capabilities, when starting a new shift. A dispatcher can also edit the capabilities override setting later as necessary. However, as long as each shift's capabilities are correctly recorded, then any dispatcher assigning a call to the shift must take very great care when overriding AngelTrack's "shift is not qualified" warning.

To learn more about AngelTrack's shift capabilities calculation, refer to the Service Levels Guide.