Headquarters, stations, and posting locations in AngelTrack.

Your AngelTrack server is pre-configured with your headquarters location. You must add all of your other stations, as well as your crew posting locations.

You must always have at least one active station -- presumably your headquarters.


Adding a New Station

To add a new station in AngelTrack:

  1. Click the Supervision iconSupervision from the top bar.
  2. In the sidebar, click the "Stations List".
  3. From the top-right corner of the grid of stations, click the plus iconAdd.large-4.

Take care to specify the station's full street address, and make sure that AngelTrack can successfully determine its position on the map, and its GPS coordinates, as this data is necessary for many dispatch functions.

Deactivating or Reactivating a Station

You can freely deactivate and reactivate your stations and posting locations, by clicking a station's "Active" button in the Stations List.

If you deactivate a station, then all employees and vehicles assigned to it will be changed back to "float".

Frequent Posting Locations

If your crew members often post at a certain location, then you can simply the dispatch process by adding the location to your Stations List, setting its type as "Posting location".

If a posting location has a wifi access point, then you can designate it as an allowed clock-in/clock-out location; to learn how, refer to the Timeclock Hosts Guide.

Pinning Vehicles and Employees to a Station

You can assign vehicles and employees to a station, rather than leaving them as "float". Once that's done, they will show up as choices when booking a new shift or schedule that is based that station, but not when booking a shift or schedule based at a different station or zone. This is helpful when you have such a large number of vehicles and employees that the booking UI becomes cluttered.

If you are using zones to divide up your operation into manageable segments, then it is important to pin every employee and every vehicle to a station, because this is how AngelTrack knows which zone they work in.

Tracking of Station Inspections and Audits

AngelTrack's certificate system allows you to create certificate types that are just for stations. These can represent inspections, audits, or other certifications to which your stations are subject. Then you can use AngelTrack's certificate reports to monitor your stations to see which are due for re-inspection or re-certification.

For example, if you perform a narcotics compliance audit on the station's stockpile, then create a certificate type named "Narcotics Compliance Audit" and mark it "for stations". After each audit, open the station's record in AngelTrack, switch to its "Certificates" tab, and add a certificate that represents the audit. Set the new certificate's expiration date to be the time when the audit must be performed again.

Station Checkoffs

If you regularly assign your crews the task of a station checkoff, then you can use AngelTrack's checklist system for the task. You can create a checklist type that is just "for stations", and then a dispatcher can assign it to the relevant crew to perform. If there are any shortfalls noted, they will appear in the Checklist Queue for review.