HealthEMS Integration / CAD Push

AngelTrack integrates with the HealthEMS platform (formerly Stryker HealthEMS), automatically uploading trip data as crews run calls.

HealthEMS Signup and Configuration

To use AngelTrack's HealthEMS integration, you must have an account in the HealthEMS platform. Your state department of health's EMS office will probably provide this for you.

Once your HealthEMS account is provisioned, you must input your credential into AngelTrack by visiting the "ESO / HealthEMS Configuration" item under Settings, for which you must have Administrator, Captain, or Principal access in AngelTrack.

The configuration settings are:

  1. Upload URL

    This is the URL of the HealthEMS webservice, to which AngelTrack will send data. It will already be configured for you, and should not be changed unless told to do so by HealthEMS.

    The URL is case-sensitive, so if you modify it, you must precisely type it into the configuration page.

  2. Username

    This is the username, or "AgencyID", of your HealthEMS account.

  3. Password

    This is the password, or "AgencyPass", of your HealthEMS account, case sensitive.

  4. NEMSIS version

    This is the PCR data version expected by HealthEMS. Presently, HealthEMS wishes to receive v3.4.0.

  5. License number

    If you must send to HealthEMS a value in dAgency.01 other than your state license number, specify it here; else leave it blank.

  6. Agency number

    If you must send to HealthEMS a value in dAgency.02 other than your state trauma registry number, specify it here; else leave it blank.

Once this configuration is done, everything else will happen automatically.

Upload Prerequisites

AngelTrack will send a call to HealthEMS only if all these conditions are met:

  • The dispatch is open (not yet closed or cancelled) and has activated;
  • The dispatch is assigned to an active shift -- not to an affiliate or to a scheduled shift; and
  • The crew has at least gone enroute.

No other dispatches are reportable to HealthEMS.

Upload Points

During the lifecycle of an active dispatch, AngelTrack will upload its data to HealthEMS at these points in time:

  1. Crew goes enroute
  2. Crew arrives on-scene
  3. Crew marks themselves as having made patient contact
  4. Crew begins transport
  5. Crew arrives at destination
  6. Crew returns to service

AngelTrack performs an upload at each of those points in time because AngelTrack is the one collecting the leg times, odometers, and crew GPS positions, and so this accumulating data must be added to the trip record in HealthEMS.

After each upload, the crew can access the HealthEMS portal to complete their PCR.


The AngelTrack-HealthEMS integration has the following limitations:

One-way data flow

Data flows from AngelTrack to HealthEMS, but does not flow back into AngelTrack's PCR. Therefore, if you use AngelTrack's QA review system, trauma registry uploader, or billing system, then your crews must create the necessary PCR records in AngelTrack, duplicating the data they input into HealthEMS.

Included and omitted data

When AngelTrack uploads trip data to HealthEMS, the following data is sent:

  1. Trip purpose data (complaint, priority, service, etc.)
  2. Origin and destination addresses
  3. Patient demographics and billing data
  4. Payment arrangements
  5. Crew member list with patch numbers and levels
  6. Time punches and crew GPS positions
  7. Odometer readings

Electronic signatures are not included, nor is any other PCR data. The AngelTrack-HealthEMS integration envisions that crews will do all other PCR bookkeeping in the HealthEMS portal.

Crews must perform their progress-button pushes

The data sent from AngelTrack to HealthEMS is controlled by the disposition fields (in Followup). AngelTrack automatically sets the disposition fields in response to the progress-button pushes from the crews as they run calls.

If the crews switch to HealthEMS once they get on-scene, and do not give AngelTrack the expected "transporting", "at destination", and "back in service" progress button pushes, then the data sent from AngelTrack to HealthEMS will be inconsistent.

Such omissions can be corrected by manually filling out the Followup page... but it is generally easier if the crews give the normal progress-button pushes as they run each call.