Curation of Facility and Patient Records

AngelTrack gathers mountains of billing data, all of it keyed to patients and facilities. It is the biller's responsibility to curate the patient and facility records to keep them up-to-date, and to remove duplicates that are accidentally created from time to time.

Curating the Facility Records

AngelTrack stores a list of facilities, which are places that frequently serve as the origin and/or the destination of a call. Each facility's record includes its name, address, phone number, fax number, sales and billing contacts, contract information, plus many statistics.

Billers are responsible for keeping the following datafields up-to-date (dispatchers are responsible for everything else):

Billers are also responsible for eliminating duplicate facility records that dispatchers may inadvertently create from time to time. Using the Facility Edit page, a biller can view a list of suspected duplicate facility records. To learn more, read the Facility Records Guide.

Curating the Patient Records

Patient records contain a few billing fields that billers are -- jointly with crew members -- responsible for maintaining:

Billers are also responsible for eliminating the occasional duplicate patient records that dispatchers and crews may accidentally create from time to time. Duplicates usually happen when the last name has a strange spelling, or when there is a maiden name in play.

AngelTrack provides some assistance in locating and eliminating duplicate patient records. To learn how, read the Duplicate Patient Records Guide.

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