Common Dispatch Mistakes

A brief list of the most common mistakes and how to avoid them

The following is a list of common mistakes that dispatchers make as they are going through the process of learning AngelTrack.

Pressing the Progress Button on Behalf of the Crew

AngelTrack presents the dispatcher with a set of progress buttons ProgressBackward-1 and ProgressForward-Sep-21-2022-09-27-17-16-PM for use in marking a crew's progress in the event the crew is unable to do so. We strongly recommend that dispatchers do so only as a last resort, when the crew has tried (using their mobile devices) and failed to mark their own progress.

This is important because AngelTrack captures the crew's GPS position when they press the progress button, creating a legal record of exactly where the crew was located at that point in time. When a dispatcher presses the progress button on behalf of the crew, no such GPS position is recorded.

Using the Wrong Button to Close a Best-Effort Dispatch

When a dispatch has not gone according to plan, we recommend marking it "Completed, best effort" rather than "Completed, as ordered", so that the Billing people know to give it special treatment.

Dispatchers are normally in the habit of pressing the ProgressAsOrdered-Sep-21-2022-09-27-33-26-PM button to close out a dispatch once the crew has indicated they are back in service. Doing so automatically sets the dispatch to "Completed, as ordered", which is incorrect in this situation. Instead, choose the ProgressBestEffort-4 button instead, in order to close the dispatch as "Completed, best effort". That way the billers will know to give it special treatment.

Forgetting to Check ☑ Exception

Recurring dispatches commonly have imprecise pickup times, because you don't know the exact pickup time until the last hour or so. Once the exact pickup time is known, the dispatcher should edit the dispatch and record it, adjusting the activation time as necessary. When making these changes, the dispatcher must check the 'Exception' box to indicate that these changes apply only to today. If the box is not checked, then the changes will be carried forward into future recurrences, falsely showing a precise pickup time for the next appointment.

Forgetting to Set a Default Facility

The facility that originates the most calls can be marked 'Default' in its Facility Edit page. Once that's done, dispatchers will get a special gold star icon that will create a new dispatch with the origin facility already set.

Forgetting to Input Your Facility Contracts

If you have facility contracts, those can be input into AngelTrack's facility records. Once that's done, AngelTrack will automatically set the correct bill-to settings for you, during call-taking.

Until you've input those contracts, your billers will have to manually adjust every dispatch's billing settings in order to invoice the relevant facilities.

Forgetting to Use the Divert Feature

When something unusual happens during a recurring dispatch, more significant than a change in pickup times, it is easy to forget to use the 'Divert' feature. Recall that all changes made to a recurring dispatch are carried forward to future recurrences. So, if the patient needs to go someplace different just for today, or needs to make an additional trip before returning home, use 'Divert' instead of making changes to the normally scheduled trip. That way, nobody has to remember to undo the changes later.