Scheduling the Work Periods of Office Staff

AngelTrack's crew scheduler can also schedule the work periods of your dispatchers, supervisors, billers, and other office staff.

Definining Your Office Positions

AngelTrack has a built-in list of office positions, into which you might schedule an employee:

  • Dispatcher
  • Biller
  • Supervisor
  • Manager
  • Et cetera

You can view and edit this list by clicking the "Positions" tab on the Shifts page. You can rename the positions, create new ones, and deactivate old ones.

Pinning a position to a station

You can pin a position to a certain station, for example you might assign the Dispatcher position to your Headquarters station.

When a position is assigned to a certain station, then the only employees who are eligible to work that position are those who are assigned to that station, or to some other station within the same zone, or who are marked "float".

Positions are not connected to security roles

AngelTrack has security roles with similar names as the built-in positions -- "Dispatcher", "Biller", and so forth -- but there is no connection between the two.

In other words, you can schedule an employee for the "Dispatcher" position even though they don't have Dispatcher access in AngelTrack, as perhaps you might do when a crew member is going to assist in the dispatch office.

Choosing to not use office positions

If you want to use AngelTrack's scheduler for your crews but not your office staff, then you can disable all of the built-in positions, and thereafter they will not appear as choices when creating or editing a schedule.

Schedule an Office Position Just Like Scheduling a Shift

You will schedule your office positions the same as you would schedule a vehicle and its crew. When you visit the Begin Shift / Create Schedule page in the normal way, select the "Later" option, and then your office positions will appear at the bottom of the list of vehicles.

Once you select an office position (instead of a vehicle), the list of available crew members will refresh to include non-crew employees, allowing you to choose whichever staff members you like. As usual, the list is constrained to those employees who are assigned to the station that you selected as the base, or who are marked "float".

You can even add multiple employees to an office position, same as you would for a vehicle, if your employees work in duos or trios.

Swaps and Vacations Work the Same

Your office staff can make use of the swap-request system and the vacation-request system, just like your crew members do, if you have configured AngelTrack to allow those requests. (You can configure these by visiting the Preferences page under Settings.)

Reviewing One's Work Schedule

Each employee can review their own work schedule by visiting the "Schedule" tab of their Employee Self-Edit page, which is accessible by clicking one's initials as appear in the top-right corner of every AngelTrack page.

From there, they can click any scheduled date to initiate a swap request with another employee. If permitted, they can also request a vacation date, by clicking the link which appears beneath the calendar.

AngelTrack's scheduler allows booking of schedules up to 120 days in the future.