Compliance FAQ

A list of the frequently asked questions on Compliance

Does AngelTrack automatically upload data to my state trauma registry?


Your state trauma registry must have a NEMSIS v3.4.0, v3.3.4, or v3.5.0 compatible webservice up and running.

They will issue you a username, a password, and an agency number. Give this information to AngelTrack Support, and they will configure and test your data uploads to your state. Or you can configure the uploads yourself, by visiting the State Upload Status item under Settings. To learn more, read the State Trauma Registry Uploads Guide.

How do I contact my state's trauma registry to get a credential?

Go here and click your state to see contact information for your trauma registry: NEMSIS 3 State Map.

AngelTrack LLC cannot do this for you; they will issue credentials only to providers, who must then relay them to AngelTrack.

What about my state's facility list?

All state trauma registries should publish their lists of public health facilities. The list contains each facility's name, address, and its state-assigned ID number. The latter will be included in the NEMSIS uploads which AngelTrack sends up to the trauma registry.

Your state probably has its facility list posted on the NEMSIS website; AngelTrack's facility list importer can retrieve it directly from there. If not, then your state should offer the list as a Microsoft Excel™ spreadsheet, either posted on the NEMSIS website as an auxiliary link, or on the State Health Department website for EMS. AngelTrack can import a facility list as a .CSV, so use Excel to "Save as..." a .CSV, and then import it into AngelTrack using the Facilities List importer. To learn more about the importer, read the Facilities List Importer Guide.

What about NFIRS uploads to the state fire incident database?

Yes, AngelTrack is NFIRS/FEMA approved and so can automatically perform all your NFIRS uploads. You can configure the uploader under the State Upload Status page under Settings.

How do I force AngelTrack to re-upload a certain trip?

First, verify that the trip is reportable, by opening the Dispatch Edit page, switching to the "Billing" tab, and checking the trauma registry field.

If it is indeed reportable, then go to the Followup, make no changes, and click "Save". Return to the "Billing" tab and you will see that the trip is now marked for re-validation and (afterward) re-upload.

How to I force all my trip data to be re-uploaded?

Visit the State Upload Status page (under Settings) and use the "Force a revalidation and reupload" controls, specifying the date range you require.

There is a hard limit of two years on trauma-registry back-logs; any trip older than two years cannot be re-validated and re-uploaded.

My state just updated their schematron, what do I do?

You don't have to do anything; AngelTrack retrieves updated schematrons from all states, and applies them during its weekly maintenance windows.

My state is switching to a different reporting backend, what do I do?

Go to Settings and click the NEMSIS icon to access AngelTrack's State Upload Status page. Find your upload credential and edit it. Use the dropdown to pick which software the state is switching to, and also update your upload username and password.

While you're there, double-check which NEMSIS version the state wishes to receive (most are on v3.4.0).

My state is moving to NEMSIS v3.5.0, what do I do?

Not to worry, AngelTrack has already been collecting v3.5.0 data from your crews, so you are ready to go. Just visit the State Upload Status page under Settings, and switch the uploader from v3.4.0 to v.3.5.0. If there is a cutover date, you can specify it there too.

What causes AngelTrack to mark (or not mark) a trip as "emergent"?

A trip is emergent if any of the following are true:

  • Dispatcher booked it as ‘emergent’ or ‘critical’, so that the next available crew will respond; or
  • Crew reported that their enroute driving was ‘emergent’; or
  • Crew reported that their transport driving was ‘emergent’.

This is how AngelTrack implements the CMS regulation which states:

An emergency response is one that, at the time you are called, you respond immediately. A BLS emergency is an immediate emergency response in which you begin as quickly as possible to take the steps necessary to respond to the call.

State auditor wants to see the HIPAA "Business Associate" agreement, where is it?

Visit your cloud server and manually type this URL:

That will load the Terms of Service document that you originally signed when deploying AngelTrack. The necessary HIPAA covenants are in the "HIPAA Assurances" section. Your captured electronic signature will be reproduced at the bottom. You can print out the page and show it to the auditor.

If the auditor requires an authorized signature from AngelTrack LLC also, call AngelTrack support and we will fax one to you.

My city/county wants to monitor my dispatch board...?

AngelTrack has a special "Onlooker" security role for this purpose.

You must issue an employee account to your regulator, and add that account to the "Onlooker" role. It needs no other permissions. Your regulator will then login to your AngelTrack cloud server just like an employee... but they will only be able to view a special read-only dispatch board and a read-only live map, showing only those dispatches which are both active and assigned.

How do I let the hospitals pull trip data for our dropoffs?

You can grant specific hospital employees permission to pull trip reports for all transports to and from their location by granting them "Onlooker" accounts in AngelTrack. Read the Onlooker Guide to learn how.

The hospital is refusing to share patient data with us, citing HIPAA...?

HIPAA is sometimes misinterpreted as "no sharing of patient data." For the counterargument, refer to this legal opinion: HIPAA: An Imaginary Barrier to Data Exchange.pdf

Can I get some help with this Medicare Ground Ambulance Data Collection Instrument?

Yes, refer to the Ground Ambulance Data Collection Instrument Guide.

How do I pull a report on lights and sirens usage?

Those fields are in the Data Hub dataset named Dispatches-Runtimes, in the Dispatches category.

Report Builder can put together that report in a jiffy... or you can export the raw data from Data Hub and finish it up in Excel.

There is a also a report under City and State Reports named "QI for Emergent Driving" that might be what you need.