Deployment FAQ

A list of the FAQ for the deployment of AngelTrack

Do I have to buy a server machine?


AngelTrack is cloud software, just like Netflix. All of its IT infrastructure is provided and maintained for you. Do not waste your money on old-fashioned software that requires you to purchase and maintain any server hardware.

The Deployment Punch-List will walk you through the decisions and choices you will make in rolling out the software.

Do I need to hire an IT guy?

Not for AngelTrack's sake. It does not ever require IT skills to deploy and use.

You will still need someone with basic IT skills to:

  1. maintain your backoffice PCs
  2. maintain your backoffice LAN and internet connection
  3. configure and maintain your company-owned mobile devices

What brands of tablets are supported?

You may use any brand you wish.

For crews, tablets need to have four things:

  1. GPS / GNSS / A-GNSS / GLONASS receiver, which AngelTrack needs for these purposes:
    • Driving directions;
    • Waypoint records; and
    • Electronic PCS and Medicaid-PAN forms
  2. Armored case;
  3. Mobile (4G/LTE/5G) data service, as hotspots are not sufficient; and
  4. A supported web browser:
    • Microsoft Edge;
    • Google Chrome; or
    • Apple Safari

Wireless (QI) charging is also nice to have, because it alleviates all the wear-and-tear on the charging port.

For dispatchers, tablets are needed only if dispatching from the road; otherwise, they can use a regular computer or laptop, whether at the office or at home. In any case, dispatchers do not need to have GPS functionality on their devices.

For field supervisors, best to get them the exact same kind of tablet as the crews have.

For everyone else in your organization, their devices must have a supported web browser (see list above), but whether they also need GPS and mobile internet service is up to you.

What is the total cost including tablets with mobile internet data plans?

Use the Online Estimator to figure your total first- and second-year costs including AngelTrack licenses, mobile devices, cellular service plans, and typical losses.

Can we use AngelTrack with spotty cellular coverage?

Yes. AngelTrack's Offline PCR was designed for exactly this situation.

That said, AngelTrack recommends that all emergency service providers -- even those in areas with good cellular coverage -- install signal-booster devices in all company-owned vehicles. This will help not just with AngelTrack, but also with the crucial ability to make normal voice calls to the dispatch office, as well as prearrival activation calls to ERs.

A signal-booster is a one-time expense, costing less than $1000 per vehicle, and does not require any maintenance or subscription. And signal-boosters work with all carriers, so everyone onboard the vehicle will benefit no matter which carrier they use.

The leading brand is weBoost, but other brands are available. Be sure to review their "Fleet" offerings.

Note that a signal-booster is not a hotspot, nor is it a Wi-Fi access point. You cannot get one from a cellular carrier, because anything they sell you will only work on their own network. A true signal-booster works with all carriers and does not require any subscription service.

We've already got laptops / toughbooks, can we just use those?

Yes... but devices used by crew members need to have GPS receivers, mobile internet service, and a supported web browser. See above.

You may be able to add GPS functionality to a device by means of a GPS USB dongle... but dongles don't last long in EMS. They get snapped off.

Likewise for mobile internet service; the cellular carriers will sell you a dongle by which you can add their service to any device, but be prepared to replace it once or twice a year.

It would probably be simpler and more relaxing to just buy new iPads, which have everything already built-in. Your state EMS office may even have a cost-share that will help you pay for them.

Do I have to install an app on my mobile devices?


AngelTrack runs entirely in the browser.

There is a free app called AngelTrack Beacon that you can install if you want 24/7 location tracking of the device, but it's optional.

AngelTrack's offline PCR also runs entirely in the browser; no installation is necessary.

Is training provided?


AngelTrack's training materials and videos are all online for free. Just direct your crews to the AngelTrack Training Portal, where they will register using their email addresses, and then access all the training courses they wish, no charge.

When you initiate AngelTrack service, your sales engineer will also conduct live-online training with your company officers.

What is not included at the base license price?

Your AngelTrack license includes dispatch, PCR, QA, billing, timeclock, checklists, HR, fleet, crew scheduler, state uploaders for NEMSIS and NFIRS, and customer portal... everything you need.

New features and improvements are published about twice a month. You get all those too, for free, automatically.

Does the product contain any advertising, banners, third-party cookies, or the like?


Nor do we collect any data about you, or about your employees, or about your customers.

See also the official AngelTrack LLC privacy statement.

Can I use my own CAD software?

Yes, AngelTrack has a CAD API by which third-party CADs can push trips into AngelTrack.

However, by not using AngelTrack's built-in CAD, you will miss out on many powerful features, including automatic recurring calls, preassignment of future trips to future crews, and some utilization reports.

Can I use my own PCR and billing software, i.e. can I use just the CAD?

Yes, AngelTrack has CAD-push features to send trip data to HealthEMS and to ESO.

We don't have a dispatch office, our crews get calls assigned directly to them from the county call center...?

No worries, that's what AngelTrack's Self-Dispatch PCR mode is for.

Can I get a copy of the Terms of Service document I signed?

Yes, navigate to this URL:

You can also find that link on your NEMSIS Upload Status page, accessible under Settings.

What version of AngelTrack do I have? What version should I buy?

There is only one version of AngelTrack. It is constantly updated and improved.

Whenever updates and improvements ship out, all AngelTrack customers automatically receive them. You don't have to do anything. You will always have the latest and greatest build.

Can my AngelTrack server run in two different timezones?


Each AngelTrack server supports only a single timezone. If you have operations in two different timezones, you must have two different AngelTrack servers, or you must internally run your entire operation on a single timezone even as your crews might travel into different timezones. This latter option is not difficult, in fact most flight EMS operators do it this way to avoid confusion.

What if we don't have a night dispatcher?

No problem, your afternoon dispatcher can activate AngelTrack's Self-Dispatch PCR mode each night, and then your daytime dispatcher can deactivate it again in the morning.

I have employees in another country, do they need a VPN?


Beginning no later than Q2 2024, anyone accessing AngelTrack from outside USA, Australia, and Mexico must use a VPN client that can geolocate their IP address to USA.

If you travel to a foreign country temporarily, you do not need to contact AngelTrack support; all you must do is activate your VPN software and geolocate yourself to the USA, and then you will be able to access AngelTrack.

Where is the Quick Start Guide?

The quick start guide is located here in the knowledgebase: Quick Start Guide

Where is the Quick Start Page?

AngelTrack will automatically show you the Quick Start Page when you first login to a new AngelTrack server, when you don't yet have vehicles, stations, and employees created.

You can return to the Quick Start Page any time you like, by navigating to this URL:

...but remember, the Quick Start Page doesn't do anything you can't do elsewhere. For example, the Quick Start Page shows you lists of your stations, vehicles, employees, contracted facilities, and affiliates, but all of those lists can be found elsewhere in AngelTrack, in the Supervisor sidebar and the Billing sidebar.

Where is the Configuration Page?

Most of AngelTrack's configuration and customization controls are on the Settings page, which is accessible from your AngelTrack Home Page.

My State Requires a Custom PCR Form, How Do I Add it?

Probably you can use AngelTrack's custom PCR fields system to accomplish this.

You can create custom picklists as necessary, and each field has a descriptor text block which can capture the verbiage from the various sections of your form.

Furthermore, the data collected by custom PCR fields can be marked for upload to your state trauma registry, so that the completed form will report its contents to your state!