Supervisor and Timeclock FAQ

A list of the frequently asked questions about Supervisor topics including the timeclock

Who can read which incident records?

All employees can view:

  • any incident that they submitted, if not yet assigned to anyone; and
  • any incident that they submitted, if marked "Always readable by the submitter"; and
  • any incident assigned to them, whether open or closed.

In addition, if an incident is used as a writeup, and a blamed employee is asked to sign the writeup, then the blamed employee will be shown the incident's summary, its cause, all of its contents, and all of its attachments.

Captains and HR can view any incident, open or closed, assigned or unassigned, EXCEPT incidents marked "Lock out captains and HR". Locked incidents can be viewed only by the assigned employee and by the AngelTrack administrator.

How do I turn an incident record into a formal write-up?

In the HR section of AngelTrack's online help you will find the Disciplinary Writeup Guide for doing exactly this.

Can I get a notification email when somebody assigns an incident to me?


Simply configure your email address on file in AngelTrack, using your "Employee Edit" page. To access that page, click your initials in the upper-right hand corner of any AngelTrack page.

You may need to tick the adjoining checkbox, in order to opt-in to incident notices (in addition to AngelTrack's other notices). Once opted in, you will also be notified if somebody else makes a change to an incident assigned to you.

Can I get the notification as a text message?


Visit your Employee Self-Edit page by clicking your initials in the upper-right corner of any AngelTrack page, and switch your messaging address type from email to SMS, and provide your mobile number.

To learn more, visit the Messaging Guide.

Why won't it collect a signature from the employee I selected for the disciplinary write-up?

For hourly employees, AngelTrack won't collect a signature on an incident until the employee is clocked-in.

Why is the timeclock allowing employees to clock-in from home?

By default the timeclock is unrestricted. You just need to configure its restrictions.

In the "Timeclock Hosts" page under "Settings", you need to disable the two entries named "All IPv4 addresses" and "All IPv6 addresses". Then create entries for each of your stations or other allowed clock-in/clock-out locations (e.g. remote offices).

The "Timeclock Hosts" page displays your current IP address and pre-creates an entry for allowing clock-in/clock-out from that network; to use it, just name the entry and click "Add". In this manner, you can visit the "Timeclock Hosts" page from each of your stations, adding them one by one.

Do I need to have a static IP address for the timeclock's IP restrictions to work?

No, a dynamic IP address is fine.

When specifying a dynamic IP address as an allowed clock-in locations, give only the first two octets. For example, if your dynamic IP address is, probably the 133.87 remains constant while the 244.190 changes regularly. Next week it might be, or whatever. So tell AngelTrack that only the 133.87 part matters. Specify it like this: "133.87/16". The "/16" part says "Only consider the first sixteen bits", which is the 133 (8 bits) and the 87 (8 bits).

What if my ISP is IPv6 only?

No problem; AngelTrack talks IPv4 and IPv6, and the timeclock's restriction system likewise supports both.

How are my crews clocking out with unfinished checklists?

Even if you configure AngelTrack to prevent clockout when there are unfinished reports and unfinished checklists, an employee may be manually clocked-out by a member of any of these roles:

  • Lieutenant
  • Captain
  • Dispatcher
  • Human Resources
  • Administrator

When a manual clockout occurs, the timeclock log entry will be automatically flagged "Needs attention". Only a member of the "Human Resources" role can clear this flag.

The employee who was clocked-out will receive a notification message to that effect, if they have so configured their messaging settings.

When a member of the aforementioned roles clocks out themself, the timecard will display "self (manual)" as the person who performed the clockout. This indicates that AngelTrack's normal clockout checks -- for unfinished reports and checklists -- were bypassed.

Another way that crews can clockout despite unfinished checklists is if their dispatcher is ending their shift despite AngelTrack's warning (on the Shift End page) that the crew still has work to do.

Can I allow certain trusted employees to clock-in from anywhere?


There is an employee privilege you can check off, to allow specific employees to clock in no matter where they are. Use the "Privileges" tab on the "Employee Edit" page to set it.

What is the difference between "Shift Length" and "Hours in Period"?

"Shift Length" is the amount of time between clock-in and clock-out... even if the time interval crosses into the next pay-period.

"Hours in Period", by contrast, is the amount of time that falls within the selected pay period. Therefore, if an employee is on the clock during a pay-period boundary, then their "Hours in Period" will be less than their "Shift Length".

Help! We all came in to work this morning, and nobody can clock in!

Your station's internet service provider changed your IP address. The new IP address is not in AngelTrack's list of company facilities.

You can add the new IP address, or better yet the new range of IP addressses, to AngelTrack's list of company facilities. Visit the Timeclock Hosts page under Settings to do so; you must be an administrator or a member of HR. To learn more, read the Timeclock Hosts Guide.

If your ISP keeps changing your IP address over wildly different ranges, causing this problem to recur, then consider giving them a few bucks for a "static IP address" that is guaranteed to never change.

Who is allowed to modify timecards?

Only members of the Administrator and HR roles can modify timecards.

If and when they do, their changes are permanently logged in the timecard's journal which the affected employee can review.

I think my boss might be tampering with my timecard...

Nobody can alter a timecard in AngelTrack without leaving a journal. Every employee can view these journals for their own timecard. The journals are tamper-proof and stored for seven years.

Any time you see the journal icon Journal next to an entry in your timecard, just click it to read the journal. It will show what change was made, when, and by whom.

If you see the lock icon Lock.closed next to an entry in your timecard, it means that HR has locked it in order to do payroll. Once locked, nobody can alter the timecard for any reason.

Can the timeclock do bi-monthly or monthly pay periods?

Yes, configure this by visiting Preferences under Settings.

Can I designate one specific computer in the dispatch office as the place where everybody must clock in?


Refer to the Timeclock Terminal Guide to learn how.

Why does the Timeclock Terminal's password field look funny?

That is AngelTrack's way of preventing the browser from offering to save the passwords input by employees, which is necessary because so many different users will be authenticating on the Timeclock Terminal computer.

Why doesn't the timeclock icon appear for some of my employees?

The timeclock icon appears only for employees who are marked as timeclock users. This can include your salaried employees, if you want them to use the timeclock to track their work hours.

The timeclock icon will not show for anyone when the Timeclock Terminal mode is set to "Mandatory", in which case, clock-ins and -outs are permitted only from a designated terminal computer; to learn more, visit the Timeclock Terminal Guide.

How do I keep official records of employee breaks?

Use the timeclock's on-call system. It must be enabled in the Preferences under Settings.

Crews will be able to set themselves on-call (i.e. on break) when they are at a company facility (or from anywhere if the timeclock is unrestricted), and dispatchers will be able to mark whole shifts on-call or on-duty from the Shifts page. If a dispatcher assigns a call to a crew that is on break, AngelTrack will then automatically switch them back on-duty.

Does AngelTrack automatically flag tardies?

Yes, but only if you are using the shift scheduler to allocate your crews and vehicles. That is the only way that AngelTrack can know that an employee has clocked-in later than he or she was expected.

Where is the report for total labor hours?

Under HR Home, the Labor Hours Visualizer shows you the number of hours recorded on the time-clock, organized by employee patch level, and filterable by date range and zone.

The time-clock is the only accurate way to capture this information. Attempting a similar analysis using shift data gives inaccurate results, because crew members can be in two shifts at once, or in no shift at all but still working at the station, or be recorded as participating in a shift but not yet clocked-in.

The related report Labor Cost Visualizer shows you the same data, but also accounts for the costs of overtime and on-call.

Why isn't my new announcement being shown?

Hourly employees are shown announcements only AFTER they clock in, so as to avoid complaints about having to read announcements while off the clock.

Also, if an employee clocks in and already has a dispatch assigned, announcements will wait until after the dispatch is completed.

Can I reread past announcements that I've already seen?


On the Crew Home page, there is a "Review Announcements" link that opens a list of all announcements targeted at the employee. Supervisors and other back-office employees can click the "Announcements" link available on both the Supervision home page and the HR home page.

If you wish to forcibly re-show an announcement to all targeted employees, then simply open it in the Announcement Edit page and re-save it.

Can I edit the built-in announcements?


Remember, if you modify an announcement, it will be automatically re-shown to all targeted employees.

Is there a way to assign a third checklist to a shift?


However, you can create a two-part checklist, with a "before" section and an "after" section, and assign it as the crew's secondary checklist. Tell the crew to complete the first half now, saving it as "unfinished", and then complete the second half at the end of their shift.

How far into the future can I book an employee schedule?

120 days.

What about vacation dates?

You can book vacation dates as far in the future as you like, using the timeclock.

The vacation-swap workflow is limited to 120 days into the future.

Can I disable the ability for employees to request shift swaps / vacation dates?

Yes, there is a setting for this on the Preferences page under Settings.

How do I book my dispatchers and office staff in the crew scheduler?

Office staff can be scheduled in positions, rather than in vehicles... but the scheduler otherwise works just the same. To learn more, refer to the Scheduling Office Staff Guide.

How can I create mock trips for training purposes?

You can create an ordinary dispatch for training purposes, assigning it to a shift and allowing your crew to complete the PCR and send it to QA. Your QA reviewer can even fail the trip back to the crew, with objections.

To prevent these mock trips from reaching the billing office, or from being uploaded to your state trauma registry, or from counting against your AngelTrack license, take these steps:

  1. Under the Preferences item on the Settings page, temporarily configure AngelTrack to upload PCRs to the trauma registry after passing QA, rather than upon submission to QA.
  2. When booking the mock trip, always include a dispatcher comment to warn everyone that it's for training purposes only.
  3. When the QA reviewer is satisfied with the mock PCR, and is at the point where the trip would normally advance to billing, do not pass it. Instead, open the trip's run ticket, switch to the "Billing" tab, and change the Execution Status to "Cancelled".

After you finish the training session, be sure to switch the Preference setting back.

Can AngelTrack send a notification to HR and admins when crew certificates are expiring?


However, the Crew Certificates Overview report, under Supervisor Home, will show the status of all crew certs, including upcoming expirations, so that you'd only need to check the report twice a month.

What are all the ways the PCR can be customized?

You can do all of the following:

You cannot change the PCR's color scheme; however, the PCR will automatically switch to dark mode when the user's device switches.

What is Isidore? Where is Isidore Located?

Isidore is the name of AngelTack's support AI. It knows the entire AngelTrack knowledgebase, and can competently answer questions from it.

You can activate Isidore by visiting any of the AngelTrack Home pages and clicking the "Ask Isidore the Support AI" link.

Isidore is completely free, it does not require a login or licensing or any other rigmarole.

How do I change a schedule?

You can edit any schedule by doing the following:

  1. Login to AngelTrack with supervisor, dispatcher, or administrator privileges.
  2. Click the "Shifts" icon in the top ribbon.
  3. Switch to the "Schedule" tab.
  4. Click the ID number of the schedule you wish to edit.

Your changes will carry forward into any future recurrences, if the schedule is set to recur.

If you are trying to make a last-minute adjustment to a schedule for any of these reasons:

  • Force it to activate now even though not all of its crew members are clocked in; or
  • Swap its vehicle or one of its crew members with another schedule; or
  • Change its vehicle or crew composition without carrying forward that change into future recurrences;

...then don't edit it, instead use the Adjust function by clicking the "Adjust" link that appears in the list of schedules.

How do I tell when crews are copying and pasting their PCRs?

There is no report in AngelTrack that can tell you this.

That said, if you suspect you have a problem with crews copying and pasting their reports, you can disable their copy+paste privileges by visiting their employee record, switching to the "Privileges" tab, and unticking the ☑ PCR Auto-Duplication and ☑ PCR Narrative Cut and Paste checkboxes.

How do I see who last modified a datafield?

If the datafield is critical, then modifications to it will appear in the associated dispatch record's journal, which you can view by visiting the Dispatch Edit page and switching to the "Journal" tab.

Invoices likewise have journals that function similarly.

Otherwise, for most records in AngelTrack, the name of the last person to modify any datafield the record, and the date when they modified it, appears in the box in the upper-right corner of the page, or for PCR pages at the bottom just above the "Save" button.

Where are the old PCRs? / How do I check old reports?

To review old reports, do this:

  1. Login to AngelTrack with dispatcher, biller, or supervisor privileges.
  2. Click the "Dispatch" icon to visit the Dispatch Home page.
  3. In the dispatch sidebar at the left, click the "Closed Dispatches" icon.
  4. On the "Closed Dispatches" page, use the filter controls to move the time window where you want it.
  5. In the grid of closed dispatches, find the trip(s) you want, and click the "Report" or "Print" link.

You can also use Report Builder to filter your closed calls, and then from Report Builder's grid use the right-click popup menu to visit or download each matching report.